Thursday 27 October 2022

Pumpkins, Cleaners and Being Ruthless


I thought I better do another post to get all those photos of me off your sidebars, and I couldn't resist sharing my cute little pumpkins with you.  A silly little 59p purchase but they make me smile every time I see them ... which is worth every penny. 

Autumn, it came in windy and wet, it quickly turned too warm for jumpers and then just sunny enough to make us want to make plans and then reverted this morning to cold, windy and wet.  My first job this morning was to follow Alan to the garage as his car is being serviced, just so that I could give him a lift home.  On a fair day he doesn't mind the walk back, but today is definitely not a fine day.

I've missed this blog while I've been over on my other one, so it's a happy relief to be back ... although not a lot apart from rationing has been going on.  Well, I suppose really quite a lot has gone on but it's like when you ask your children on that walk home from school 'What did you do today?' and they just say 'nothing' ... at first my mind just goes blank.

Last week we helped Mum with lots of little jobs that needed doing after the deep clean of her bungalow, then we had Alan's sister and her partner who live in Scotland, to stay for the weekend and had a lovely catch up with them.  Yesterday we started the process for Mum of her ongoing Care Package.  Her NHS funded four visits a day which have been needed less and less are instead to be replaced with one paid for visit a day.  She chose teatime as the best time for someone to call on her, they will check her tablets etc and perhaps do the washing up for the day and any other little medical or non-medical things that Mum needs help with.  It works for her and sounds sensible, oh and she has now got a cleaner who will call every Monday for a couple of hours.

On top of this I have been busy sorting out my things.

 I keep thinking it will be for the last time but does sorting out and decluttering ever end?  I keep realising that there are still things that I don't need so I'm sticking a price sticker on them and putting them into the large plastic boxes we bought many years ago and used to move house with.  

We are booked into a table-top sale for this Sunday.  We did one at the same village venue earlier this year and the girl who runs it asked if we would be interested in doing another one in October as they are raising money for charity.  At the time we said that we would think about it as we didn't have much stuff left really, and what we did have we sold as a job lot on Facebook Marketplace the day after the sale.  When she rang out of the blue while Mum was in hospital and said they had planned one for this coming weekend I couldn't picture what I had left to sell, but something made me accept the table.  I just knew it would push me to be super ruthless.

So that's what I am being at the moment, super ruthless.  Even with things bought quite recently, I have had another of my must live more minimally mindsets going on ... and you would be super surprised if you saw how many books I have decided to jettison.

So now I'm off to be brave, lift the storage bed up and see what is hiding under there that simply will not be there next week.

Sue xx

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Three Photos of Me!!


I sometimes wonder what photo Alan will choose to put on my little funeral menu card (order of service card ... if there is a service).  Will it be my most recognisable one to my friends on the internet.  Me and my beautiful pet cabbage.

He could always use the close-up version!! 

He could use this one and scare everyone.  😄

Or he could just go quite boring and serious, and share this one taken in August this year.

One of the few downsides to being a blogger is that the camera is usually in my hands and therefore I am rarely in the shot.  The poor man just doesn't have much choice does he.  😂

I dare ... indeed I double dare ... any of my readers with a blog of their own to share three photographs of themselves on their next post.

And I apologise if I have given you a shock with this very unusual post, calm down have a coffee and I promise normal service will soon be resumed!!

*If I had the choice, it would be the first photo. Just me in my normal attire of jeans and a t-shirt clutching a vegetable, what could be more Sue!

Sue xx

Saturday 8 October 2022

Monday 3 October 2022

Lesson from Autumn ... and Apologies


Oh, I love Autumn it's my favourite season of the year.  

I mean what's not to love, you can eat all of the comforting food, wear all the snuggliest of jumpers.  Tuck your jeans into your boots and kick your way through the fallen leaves.

I don't mind that I occasionally feel cold, I would much rather be cold and be able to add another layer of clothes than be hot and be able to do little about it. I think I do need to get some warmer slippers as cold feet aren't quite so enjoyable, but it's nice to have my boots and winter shoes back in the wardrobe along with my warmer winter coat.

Oh, and my hot water bottles have already seen daily action ... I do love a hot water bottle. 😃

The dogs don't like getting their feet wet when it rains and they hate being towelled dry after a rainy walk, so I guess now it's time to dig out their little jackets for the wettest of days.  It's okay for Ginger, he just stays indoors on the colder, wetter days and only follows for a dog walk on days when the weather is more to his taste.

I won't be posting as much on here for this month as I've been posting every day on my other blog as my Modern Wartime Ration Challenge started last week and it will be too much for me to be able to keep both blogs going while I am also trying to visit Mum as much as possible in the hospital and keep things going here while Alan is intermittently working away.

So, apologies in advance if you get here and nothing has changed.

Sue xx