Friday 28 September 2018

Have Faith

So true

Have faith in yourself

Have more faith in yourself

 Than you have in others

You will not let you down

Love your choices

Love your life

It's the only one you will get


Tuesday 25 September 2018

Move Mountains

There is a mountain in my way

It is one of my own making

And it needs moving

I do not have the words 

To begin the conversation

That will cause my mountain

To crumble

And topple

But I know 

There is a clear path ahead


In the meantime

I'm looking for my magic


Tuesday 18 September 2018

The Risk

It doesn't have to cost much to live

To do the things you need to do

You can choose to live simply

Or choose to acquire things

Things will outlive us all

They suck the pleasure from life

They steal the moments

They fill your head with want

And your heart with a desire for more of their kind

Things lead to things

I don't want them

I don't need them

Except books ...

Books are good things 😁


Monday 17 September 2018

Two Rivers

Early morning

Walking by the River Wyre

It clears my head

Settles my mind

Inspires me 

A little doggy

Running ahead

Enjoying the morning

The peace

And the freedom

But waiting every now and then

For a contemplative  Mum to catch up

Different  day

Different river

This time the River Dunsop

But this time two dogs

Two people

And the River


Wednesday 12 September 2018

You Can Count Me In

I have a thing about numbers

Here I should stop for a moment

And point out I am terrible at maths

But numbers of things

Fascinate me

I did Project 333

Because it had numbers

I counted all my books for my blog

Because I wanted to know the number I had

I read over and over

About folk living with 100 items

And imagine myself doing the same

Well almost

My car is a Fiat 500

On television I watch people living in Tiny Houses 

With listed square footage

And imagine myself doing the same

(I'm down to 432 in my Smaller Life)

I have an urge

An almost irresistible urge

To downscale my life to

100 books

100 dvds

100 household items

It would be very achievable

Maybe one day

You can count me in.


Tuesday 11 September 2018

The Salt Path

I have just finished reading this

Brought to my attention by Sue at The Cottage at the End of the Lane

When it was nominated for The Wainwright Prize ... it didn't win

It should have

It's a brilliant read

But now I am struggling

How do you leave a world you submerged yourself into

And enter another

Which you cannot imagine will be as good as the last

Yesterday I picked up and started two more books

They have been added to the car boot sale pile

Ready for next years purge

Sunday 9 September 2018

A Wet and Windy Dog Walk

The sunshine left us

The rain lashed sideways

I sat outside the cafe with the dogs

Hood up, my back to the wind and rain

They wouldn't let dogs in

In my Smaller Life

I live near a town that welcomes dogs with open arms

Into charity shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs

Even my little black feathered friend decided the weather was getting totally shitty

He sheltered

I went home.


Friday 7 September 2018

To Mis-quote Elvis

To totally mis-quote Elvis Costello 

(my preferred Elvis)

It's been a good year for the tomatoes

And the apples

And the blackberries

And the spinach

And the kale

And the cucumbers

And much much more 

But nature has the right idea

The trees are indeed about to show us 

How lovely it is to let go

The first tinges of Autumn are appearing

And along with the falling cooking apples

We now have leaves





Tuesday 4 September 2018

A Smaller Life = Less Beans?

Just because it's a smaller life 

It shouldn't mean less beans

When the fourth can of a multi pack 

Contained less than the stated amount

A photo was taken

A form was filled in on the company website

Politely mentioning my dismay at my lack of beans 

Two days later  an apologetic letter

Landed lightly on my door mat

And two £2 vouchers for Heinz products

Were my consolation prize

My tiny larder will be replenished


Monday 3 September 2018

Everyone Loves a Trier

Sometimes you just have to go with it 

If it's right 

It's right

If it all goes tits up ...

Well at least you tried

And everyone loves a trier