Wednesday 12 September 2018

You Can Count Me In

I have a thing about numbers

Here I should stop for a moment

And point out I am terrible at maths

But numbers of things

Fascinate me

I did Project 333

Because it had numbers

I counted all my books for my blog

Because I wanted to know the number I had

I read over and over

About folk living with 100 items

And imagine myself doing the same

Well almost

My car is a Fiat 500

On television I watch people living in Tiny Houses 

With listed square footage

And imagine myself doing the same

(I'm down to 432 in my Smaller Life)

I have an urge

An almost irresistible urge

To downscale my life to

100 books

100 dvds

100 household items

It would be very achievable

Maybe one day

You can count me in.


1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you are striving to become very minimalist. That wouldn't be for me, I love having all my 'stuff' around me. But each to their own. Does lovely hubby feel the same way? You seem to have changed so much from when you were writing your old blog.


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