Tuesday, 11 September 2018

The Salt Path

I have just finished reading this

Brought to my attention by Sue at The Cottage at the End of the Lane

When it was nominated for The Wainwright Prize ... it didn't win

It should have

It's a brilliant read

But now I am struggling

How do you leave a world you submerged yourself into

And enter another

Which you cannot imagine will be as good as the last

Yesterday I picked up and started two more books

They have been added to the car boot sale pile

Ready for next years purge


  1. I've just finished this - excellent book - made me very grateful for the roof over my head!

    Lesley H in Livingston.

  2. I hopped over to our library website to see where I was on the list - I'm 23rd but they have got 15 copies so I reckon I should get it in November

  3. Ido agree. After I have read an exceptional book anything else I pick up is disappointing.