Friday 30 November 2018

A Smaller Life - A Smaller Price Tag

I was in a shopping mood

But not with a shopping budget

So I rifled the rails in four charity shops

And found treasures to buy in three of them

A 'Klass' top

A 'VanHeusen' floral extravaganza 

A 'Fat Face' fine knit

A bog standard 'George' check shirt that called out to me

A Principles 'Ben De Lisi' top

And finally a stripey  Marks and Spencer 'Autograph' top

I also bought a taupe coloured scarf

A long, wide Pasmina style number

But that's to use as a door curtain

Sometimes Smaller lives get draughty

Not a bad haul 

Six things for me to wear

And one for the 'van

For less than £30

I'm happy ... and still solvent


Tuesday 27 November 2018

A Still Life

A Still Life 

Just a mantlepiece 

Filled with bits and bobs

Things that are useful

Things that are beautiful

William Morris would have approved 


From my still life


Friday 23 November 2018

I Choose Less


You get to an age

Or a time in your life 

When there could be so much to do

The decision is 

To do more

Or less

I choose less

For now 


Thursday 22 November 2018

Punctuated and Back

I love travel

I also love my cosy Smaller home 

I don't do so well in the spotlight

But I can support the one there

For a limited time

Slightly more than half dressed is my thing

And cussing is too

I never impose on someone else what they should do

But if asked 

I will say what I would do

But I'm forever being told 

What I do is not right 

Not acceptable

Not understandable 

What do I say to that

Bollocks !!

Punctuated and back.