Friday 30 March 2018



A happy time.

Unless you are a lamb, a turkey or a cow.

Or on Good Friday ... a fish !!

Thursday 29 March 2018

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time, many years ago 

There was a girl that believed all the hype.

Then she rolled herself off the treadmill 

Dusted herself down 

And now she simply doesn't.


Monday 26 March 2018

Small Spaces

I've always liked small spaces.

We lived in three rooms until I was thirteen ... you'd think I would crave space, but it's quite the opposite ... to me it was all we needed.

When I was small I would play Lego with my brother and we would build Lego house floor plans.

Snapping the figures from his toy cars to inhabit the tiny spaces.

These days I watch programmes like Tiny House Living whenever I can find them on Freesat television.

I wander around our cottage and imagine it at it's original size and wish the extensions had never been added and would melt away.

And on Google Images I drool over smart caravan interiors.

But some of them are too small even for me.

Could you really live, even for a few  days, in a space smaller than the size of a king sized bed?


Saturday 24 March 2018

It was one of those March days ...

It was one of those March days when we made a huge decision ... and did something amazing.

Sometimes you simply have to follow your heart.


Monday 19 March 2018

Just Ferns ...

Just ferns, packed just a little too tightly into a planter make me smile.

A little corner of calm.


Sunday 18 March 2018

A Rescued Cottage

We holidayed here. 

Treleddyd Fawr.

A rescued cottage, much loved all it's life.

The simple-ness, calm and tranquillity took our breath away.

We left calmer, sadder and yet energised.

Everyday life has to change to this.

It will.