Monday, 26 March 2018

Small Spaces

I've always liked small spaces.

We lived in three rooms until I was thirteen ... you'd think I would crave space, but it's quite the opposite ... to me it was all we needed.

When I was small I would play Lego with my brother and we would build Lego house floor plans.

Snapping the figures from his toy cars to inhabit the tiny spaces.

These days I watch programmes like Tiny House Living whenever I can find them on Freesat television.

I wander around our cottage and imagine it at it's original size and wish the extensions had never been added and would melt away.

And on Google Images I drool over smart caravan interiors.

But some of them are too small even for me.

Could you really live, even for a few  days, in a space smaller than the size of a king sized bed?



  1. I love my house but the older I get, the more I wish that it was smaller and easier to maintain. We used to have holidays in wigwams which are like large wooden tents with raised beds/sofas, a small table, a light and a heater. Every time we went, it made me realise just how little we actually need in our lives.

    I love watching the tiny house videos on YouTube. They are so clever. Imagine how much more time we could free up if we had less to look after!

  2. Living in the tiny two bed bungalow in Ipswich for a year drove me nuts! So No I need space. Ah are going off in a campervan!?

  3. Good question. No, I'm not sure I could. I crave more space rather than less although I am perfectly happy with the space I have too . . . if that makes sense! I don't like to feel too closed in and cramped.

    I guess that, if I really had to, I could though and I would be happy because that's just me!
    J x

  4. Although I live in a large house I like a small bedroom and like to sleep in a single bed. I hate doubles. Last time I was in Morocco I was in a tiny room like a cell without a window and a single mattress on the floor that nobody else wanted. It was just what I wanted and I was perfectly happy. Solved the bedroom problems for the holiday too.

  5. We are living in the biggest place we have lived in at the moment, first time we have had four bedrooms, mind you one is an office and one is a stock room for all the things we sell, but as we get older we would happily go to a smaller place, we did live in an american rv for around 2 years after we sold our house, mind you that was a big beast.

  6. My partner and I love watching Tiny House, Big Living and dream of finding a plot on which to build our tiny, final home. Our cottage is lovely, but if I find that plot, it will be on the market lickety split!

  7. No, definitely not, I like space. I don't really want a bigger house (we have 3 bedrooms), but would like a much bigger kitchen, and more storage space. I know that means we'd most likely have more 'stuff'...but I'd rather have the cupboard space to shut it away, than it cluttering up worktops and shelves.

  8. Love tiny house programmes. I always loved gypsy caravans as a child, and have enjoyed holidays in fisherman's cottages. Not sure I could do it permanently though.


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