Saturday 22 December 2018

Just ... Dogs in Socks

Just two dogs in socks wishing all the followers and readers of this my'Smaller' blog 

A Very Happy Christmas


And Suky

Happy Christmas everyone


Friday 21 December 2018

Just a Chicken in a Box

Just a chicken

In a box

Little Jill

With her sore eye

Having a day of rest before visiting the vet

And rather fortuitously a hamper arrived  for us yesterday

With food grade paper straw

Perfect non dusty bedding

For a chicken with a sore eye


A lavender heart

For my Lavender Pekin Bantam


Saturday 15 December 2018

Escaping the Madness

While the shops filled up with people

With their trolleys

Full of tinsel, wrapping paper and too much food

I bought a Poinsettia

Jumped in the car

And escaped the madness with the dogs

And Alan came too

The peace and quiet

The biting minus temperature wind

And the weak Winter sunshine

Was exactly what was needed

To bring back calm and commonsense

We will be back on Christmas Day

I wonder if once again we will have the beach to ourselves 


Wednesday 12 December 2018

Just a Mass of Contradictions

Who am I

I'm a girl who lives in jeans

And dresses like a boy

I prefer the check shirt to the frilly blouse

And flat sneakers to high heels

My short neat nails

Are always bare but clean

Yet I got ridiculously excited 

Over a gloriously deep red nail polish in my Advent calendar

My hair is short and mussed

Yet if it's mussed the 'wrong' way

I get annoyed

Smooch up my hair and I'll have you for supper

I love my animals to bits

Yet hate my furniture covered in hairs

Don't tell them

They don't know

I did call myself  'vegan'

Then realised that most of my shoes are made of leather

And I love fish and chips

So I guess I'm 'plant based' ... except when eating fish and chips

I like a neat house

And orderly cupboards

But open the freezer

And be prepared to catch whatever leaps out at you

At times I go all minimal

And then excessively maximal

I wouldn't care a fig if all my possessions

Vanished in a puff of smoke or a fire

As long as you save my dogs

My cat

My chickens

Fifty of my books

... and my teddy bear

I started a self sufficient lifestyle

And then realised my sort of self sufficiency

And my husband's sort of self sufficiency are not the same thing

I am Self Sufficient

I don't need solar panels

Water tanks


And a Veggie Patch

To prove it

I just need me

The girl behind the cabbage

That doesn't eat cabbage


Tuesday 4 December 2018

Just a Pug

Just a Pug ...

... sulking in a coat.

Suky is a much happier doggy in just her own fur

Oh that we were all that happy in our own skin

The weather for the last week of my Smaller Life was dire

So dire

Even Pugs were wearing coats

Van life is on hold now until 1st March

I think I need a back up plan ....