Wednesday 12 December 2018

Just a Mass of Contradictions

Who am I

I'm a girl who lives in jeans

And dresses like a boy

I prefer the check shirt to the frilly blouse

And flat sneakers to high heels

My short neat nails

Are always bare but clean

Yet I got ridiculously excited 

Over a gloriously deep red nail polish in my Advent calendar

My hair is short and mussed

Yet if it's mussed the 'wrong' way

I get annoyed

Smooch up my hair and I'll have you for supper

I love my animals to bits

Yet hate my furniture covered in hairs

Don't tell them

They don't know

I did call myself  'vegan'

Then realised that most of my shoes are made of leather

And I love fish and chips

So I guess I'm 'plant based' ... except when eating fish and chips

I like a neat house

And orderly cupboards

But open the freezer

And be prepared to catch whatever leaps out at you

At times I go all minimal

And then excessively maximal

I wouldn't care a fig if all my possessions

Vanished in a puff of smoke or a fire

As long as you save my dogs

My cat

My chickens

Fifty of my books

... and my teddy bear

I started a self sufficient lifestyle

And then realised my sort of self sufficiency

And my husband's sort of self sufficiency are not the same thing

I am Self Sufficient

I don't need solar panels

Water tanks


And a Veggie Patch

To prove it

I just need me

The girl behind the cabbage

That doesn't eat cabbage



  1. Your list of things to save made me laugh as it didn't include your husband. Was this intentional. Heather

    1. Haha ... I was assuming he'd be walking or running out under his own steam ... with an armful of my books 🤣

  2. What a delightful post. And having read what you write for years, you do sound exactly like that person who you describe. Merry Christmas to you, your man and your gorgeous animals. Fran in Oz

  3. Very well put together and I suspect a pretty accurate description of you. Massive cabbage and yet you don't eat it????

    1. Yep ... as I said I'm a contradiction 🙂

  4. I think I got the same advent calendar as you!

  5. Teddy bears are extremely important. My two have assumed their annual role as Guardians of the Christmas Tree and are close enough to the front door for me to grab if the worst happened! :-)

    1. She's been with since my 1st birthday, although she briefly transferred her affections to my son between his 2nd birthday and his 'I'm all grown up now' 8th birthday.

  6. My contradictions are different. I want to be a plant eater but I love meat, I want to rid my home of chemicals but I struggle without some of the cleaners I use and my home made soap keeps melting in the soap dish! I want to grow more vegetables but I love my flowers too. I guess we all just have to do what makes us (and our partners) happy and thats that!! Lovely post. x

    1. Try leaving your homemade soaps exposed to the air for a few months before you start to use them and you should find they melt less. I make a large batch of 2lb loaf sized blocks, cut them to size after a few days and then leave them stacked haphazardly in a basket on the top shelf in the bathroom. They don't get used for at least 3 months after being made. The ones at the bottom of the basket that are usually almost a year old by the time they get used and are usually the best for lasting well in the soap dish.

    2. My mother and grandmother used to keep newly purchased soap in clothes drawers for a few months before they were used.
      This was to keep moths away and to let the soap harden.
      I assume the practice was a throwback to the days when soap was all homemade.
      I know it provided me with a lot of extremely ancient soap when my parents died!!

    3. Thank you for that. I left mine for the 6 weeks as per recipe but I will try leaving it longer now.

  7. What a refreshing post.
    Thank you Sue.
    You've given me a renewed determination to be me and not to
    try to squeeze into a box labelled ”living up to expectations” or “ how I think others think of me”.
    My new way of life will be being me and not being afraid to change my Mind if I’ve taken a wrong turn
    or want to stop doing something that I’ve been doing for years.


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