Tuesday 4 December 2018

Just a Pug

Just a Pug ...

... sulking in a coat.

Suky is a much happier doggy in just her own fur

Oh that we were all that happy in our own skin

The weather for the last week of my Smaller Life was dire

So dire

Even Pugs were wearing coats

Van life is on hold now until 1st March

I think I need a back up plan ....



  1. Suky looks so slim now! She does look down in the dumps in that coat, bless her - they have a way of looking at us so reproachfully when they're putting up with something we've imposed on them, don't they - even if it is for their own good! Betty's just the same, she just won't wear a coat - it's a struggle to even get it on her, and once it's on, she rubs herself along a wall or something to get it off.

  2. Love seeing Suky, she does look sad with the coat on, bless her.

  3. As usual - adorable pug. Reminds me of my own many years ago. Lovely dogs.
    My terrier just refuses to move if I put her coat on.

    1. Suky walks like a little wooden table when she wears her coat ... ramrod straight legs. She refuses to go up or down steps as well ... even edgings onto the pavement :)

  4. Can't believe I have found this blog and you Sue. I recognised Suky immediately. Followed you for so long in "A new Life In The Country" and was gutted when you finished blogging. Looks like I have a lot of catch up reading to do with this new blog. Hope all is well with you and are you still on your windy hillside in Wales?


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