Friday 30 November 2018

A Smaller Life - A Smaller Price Tag

I was in a shopping mood

But not with a shopping budget

So I rifled the rails in four charity shops

And found treasures to buy in three of them

A 'Klass' top

A 'VanHeusen' floral extravaganza 

A 'Fat Face' fine knit

A bog standard 'George' check shirt that called out to me

A Principles 'Ben De Lisi' top

And finally a stripey  Marks and Spencer 'Autograph' top

I also bought a taupe coloured scarf

A long, wide Pasmina style number

But that's to use as a door curtain

Sometimes Smaller lives get draughty

Not a bad haul 

Six things for me to wear

And one for the 'van

For less than £30

I'm happy ... and still solvent



  1. Great bargains, I really love the green check shirt, just the sort of thing I potter about in. Are you able to tell us a bit more about the van, I'm intrigued?

  2. Some really good finds there, well done.

  3. Fantastic value, great hunting.

  4. Very Good Finds

    I wish I was two sizes smaller then all my shopping would be at charity shops, instead of just some.
    Maybe I should find the willpower for that diet

  5. I always think that the kind of people who donate their unwanted clothes to charity shops are the kind of people who probably spend a lot on clothes in the first place - hence some good bargains if you can be bothered to trawl through. Love yours.

  6. I have a taupe scarf. Its a long , very long soft cotton scarf that is more like a comforting hug than a scarf, and I wear it everywhere...........its my comfort blanket. I wear it when I am gardening, when I walk the dogs or just even when I need it.

    Recently I lost it - couldnt remember where I had left it - so I asked everyone to look out for it - but I found it eventually in my cupboard! I was so relieved!

    When I showed my work colleague the scarf and told her I was pleased I had found it as it is precious, she looked at it and said 'what that old rag??'

    I dont talk to her anymore - she has no soul when it comes to scarfs .............and hugs!

    well done for bargain hunting ..............Zaz xx


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