Friday 23 November 2018

I Choose Less


You get to an age

Or a time in your life 

When there could be so much to do

The decision is 

To do more

Or less

I choose less

For now 



  1. I seem to be doing more, not less. But that's alright....for now ;-)

  2. It's hard to do less when you have your smallholding to take care of. That must be a full time job!

  3. I need to keep busy so perhaps I choose more.

  4. I think, for me, it's more or it's less depending on what stage I'm at with things and what's happening in the life of our family. I will have more to do next year, when I return to part-time work on a regular basis, but I hope to offset that somewhat by keeping to the simple routines and ways we live now. Meg:)

  5. What I love is the chance to choose - to be busy or not, to get up at 7 or lay in until 8. To sit with breakfast and the laptop for 10 minutes or an hour. To cook myself dinner or to just have toast. With the smallholding there was never time to choose because there was always a list of things waiting. I enjoyed our 23 years and specially the two years after Col finished full time work and before he became ill but don't miss anything except the raspberries and fruit trees!


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