Thursday, 22 November 2018

Punctuated and Back

I love travel

I also love my cosy Smaller home 

I don't do so well in the spotlight

But I can support the one there

For a limited time

Slightly more than half dressed is my thing

And cussing is too

I never impose on someone else what they should do

But if asked 

I will say what I would do

But I'm forever being told 

What I do is not right 

Not acceptable

Not understandable 

What do I say to that

Bollocks !!

Punctuated and back.



  1. Nice one. Nice to see you back here. I love your quotes. x

  2. Sue, your last comment (before the bollocks bit, although that's my reaction too!) really resonated with me as I've had similar problems recently. I'm looking forward to seeing more quotes every day, welcome back.

  3. I had a most inspirational English teacher...she used to say....quite fiercely.....They say...who are they? LET THEM SAY....

  4. Can't imagine anyone telling a 'mature' woman any of these things. 'Forever being told-What I do is not right, Not acceptable and Not understandable'. Bollocks is mild compared to what I think of that. Glad to see you back!!