Tuesday 31 July 2018

Dream ...

I am a dreamer

Both awake and asleep

Ethereal and calm dreams when awake

Strange wacky dreams when I'm asleep

Dissecting my day with normality and oddness combined

And I'm never afraid to ask questions

How do you know 

If you don't ask

Don't guess

And never ever second guess


Or just quietly curl up in a basket ... and dream.


Monday 30 July 2018

Just a Bunch of Weirdos

I like to speak my mind

I like people to be honest with me

I'm sick of pussy footing around

Of he said she said

Of don't tell, don't let it out

Say what you mean

And mean what you say

And it seems Dr Seuss agrees


Sunday 29 July 2018

When you love ...

It says it all really

I am working towards it

I am almost there


Saturday 28 July 2018

The Cupboards of my Mind

I'm still getting rid

Nothing has left the house


But the next car boot will see me selling the nitty gritty

The last bits and pieces of things

That have lurked in cupboards

Pulled out

Put back

Not paying their rent by being used

Cluttering up the cupboards of my mind

Any money I make

Will finance days out

Time with loved ones



... the laughter and memories are free


Friday 27 July 2018

Good Enough

I'm me

And boy oh boy

Am I good enough

Sometimes it can takes years to be able to say that

Until you are old and grey

And wearing purple

But I'm putting it out there now


I'm me

And actually I'm MORE than good enough


Wednesday 25 July 2018

Expecting Less

It's always a shame  

When you have to begin to expect less of someone

Relationships whither and die

It's not a beginning 

It's an end

But my worth is unchangeable

One easy lesson

In how to un-fuck yourself

And keep your sanity


Saturday 21 July 2018

Just cows ...

Just cows paddling

On a hot hot day

In cool water

By my favourite little bridge


Thursday 19 July 2018

Happy Morning

A happy morning

On the deck

Catching up on reading

But at my feet

Looking at me reproachfully

Sits a pack of 'Living Salad' leaves

Bought yesterday

Nibbled at last night 


Twenty or so little lettuces 

For one pound 

I'll plant them in a minute 



If you're with me

If you're with me

You're with me


Wednesday 18 July 2018

Be the reason ...

It is sometimes hard

In this fast paced world we live in

To jump ship

To take a step back 

From what is viewed as normal

To be yourself

And to  relish the delicious version

Of you that you find

But do it anyway

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Plan Just a Little Bit

Plan just a little bit

Pack a bag

Pot up some spinach and kale

Load the car

Grab the Pug

And hit the open road

 Off we go again


Saturday 14 July 2018

This ...

I don't ask for much

I don't get much

But that is okay 

The man I love

Tries his very best

 To make them all come true


Friday 13 July 2018

Finding Peace

Trying to find peace


But there is no hurry

And still no need for punctuation


Thursday 12 July 2018

Admit it.

There is no need for any more words than these

Summed up in a sentence ... or two

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Tend to Yourself

  I still need reminding

To do most of the above

But I am finding 

That I am beginning to remember much better these days

As long as they're not too thirsty to sing

So as well as watering plants each evening

 I top up all the drinking stations for the wildlife


Saturday 7 July 2018

The older I get ...

Lots of soul searching

Has been going on here recently

You might have guessed

I did

The result

That is for me to know

And understand

And deal with

In my own way

In my own time

With a complete lack of punctuation

But yes I'm fucking furious


Thursday 5 July 2018

Parts of Me

For too long now

I have kept parts of me


Held back

Dormant and docile

In a vain attempt to keep others happy

It didn't work

It never works

Now it's the time to let my happiness shine through

To dance to my music

To let loose the words of my song


Tuesday 3 July 2018

Figure out who you are ...

It's important to know yourself

Before you can begin to get to know anyone else

To be able to talk to yourself

In a nice way

Before you talk to others

And then and only then can you

And move forward


Monday 2 July 2018

It can only get better ...

Even if your dog has just killed the two chicks 

That you have been nurturing for the last six weeks.

Finding a little headless body does not make for a brilliant start to the week

 Time to take a deep breath, wipe away the tears 

And tell myself ... it can only get better.