Thursday 31 May 2018

I am happy

I am happy

I definitely DO NOT need more stuff

I don't need better weather

Although to say it has been a bit erratic recently would be an understatement 

A bigger budget might be nice 

But no I can easily manage without 

I do not need a smaller body 

But I am working on a healthier one

Now IS the perfect time to be happy

But then again so was yesterday 

And tomorrow would also be good


Oh and to comply with European data collection laws I seemingly have to ask if YOU are happy that cookies are set and data is collected and if you can see the permission strip at the top of the blog for you too accept or decline 

I'm happy if you are happy


Monday 28 May 2018

Hitting the Open Road

This ... just this

And perhaps a tiny bit of this

Or maybe rather a lot


Sunday 27 May 2018

A Better Blessing

Do you need a better car

A bigger house

The latest fashion

The newest computer game or book

If the answer is YES then fine

Buy it

It is your choice

Always your choice

If you need it you need it

Or ... do you just want it

This one is more me


Thursday 24 May 2018

Tuesday 22 May 2018

A Smaller Me

I caught sight of myself sideways on in the mirror first thing this morning

I didn't like what I saw

I called myself a fat cow

I'm allowed to

You try it I'll knock your bloody head off

This sprang to mind

Then this

The masterpiece that is me

And believe me it is a splendid creation

Is about to be edited



Monday 21 May 2018


When you look through your photo archives 

And find you have always understood

The basics


Saturday 19 May 2018

My Time

Why can this not be understood anymore

Do we have to be busy

All the time

I think not

The path to happiness 

Can sometimes be to simply be

If I am doing nothing

You cannot have my time

It is mine


Thursday 17 May 2018

Piling it High, Selling it Cheap

More unnecessary things leaving the house

More space to breathe

Less stuff to dust

To clean

To worry about

Piling it high

Selling it cheap

Hopefully coming home with nothing


Wednesday 16 May 2018


I have always walked a different path

Jumped a different ship

Trod a different road

Thought a different thought

It is just me being different

My different-ness is my magic


Solving the Problems

I used to feel I had to solve all the problems

Even those that were not mine

It is something I am trying to learn not to do

If you have a problem it is yours to solve

If you want me to help


I will probably say no

But you can ask


Tuesday 15 May 2018

Don't blame me ...

Sometimes I can't be held responsible for my actions

It will be different 

When I am a grown up 


Monday 14 May 2018

Accept Your Flaws

It is truly liberating to own up to your flaws

To know what makes you tick

And what makes you go off with a bang

But once you've owned up to them

Accepted them

Embraced them

And learned to love

The flawed human that you are

You enter a state of 

Not actually giving a fuck  

And that is pretty damned good

Saturday 12 May 2018

Never Assume

They speak a clearer message

A truer truth

If we choose to listen


Friday 11 May 2018

Be Yourself

I think things changed

Somewhere between me being what was expected of me

And me realising that I did not expect that of me

Be yourself


No one else can do it

Quite as good as you


Thursday 10 May 2018



Sometimes it seems

A forgotten art

To sit

In silence

To hear

The birds, the buzzing

The multitude of little lives

Going about their busy-ness

In the great big world we are all lucky enough to call home

There's no need to talk

To fill all the silences

Just listen

Drink coffee

And simply be


Wednesday 9 May 2018

Each day

Each day a brand new beginning

A chance to try something new

Or relish something old and comfortable

And do it all over again 

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Ten Years From Now

But just for the record

I wore white sneakers

My hair was brown and mussed

My jeans were blue 

 My old faithful stripey t shirt was fresh off the line


I lived well

I loved deeply

And I've learnt so much about myself over the last few months

Inside I'm smiling


Monday 7 May 2018

You Sow a Seed ...

You sow a seed

And magic happens

I fall for it every year

The wonder

The magic

The fresh green life


Sunday 6 May 2018

Recharging Our Batteries

Our batteries needed recharging

We needed to connect with a different place for a while

So we took ourselves here

The cottage on the left was ours for four days

We walked here

And spent a whole day mooching and meandering

Walking through ruins of places

Where other feet have trod for centuries

Water trickled down the hillside through trees and vegetation

Reminding us of home 


Batteries fully recharged

We came home 


Friday 4 May 2018

How Deep is the Mud


Offer advice

Smile if it isn't taken

Have faith things will work out in the end


Thursday 3 May 2018

Be who you are

Speak from the heart

See with enquiring smiling eyes

Hear only the good words

Act from your soul

Love the good people

Be the best you


Wednesday 2 May 2018

What if ...

What if next time never comes

What if tomorrow never comes

What if 

What if

What if

Do it today

It makes sense