Tuesday 8 May 2018

Ten Years From Now

But just for the record

I wore white sneakers

My hair was brown and mussed

My jeans were blue 

 My old faithful stripey t shirt was fresh off the line


I lived well

I loved deeply

And I've learnt so much about myself over the last few months

Inside I'm smiling



  1. Hi Sue,

    Have stalked you for years, so to speak, and have loved your posts both now and previously. Am adoring the motivational quotes. Am loving the idea of your simpler life. Bit confused as to where you are living now and curious about everything, but you will share what you will and good on you. Felt the need to comment and say how glad I am that you are sounding so happy and content (not that you never did before - my goodness, this comment is getting a tad convoluted!) and where you sound as though you are now is where I actually aspire to be, although I think I still have a ways to go. Best wishes. Kim

  2. Your smiles make me smile too.
    J x

  3. Shhhh I feel like I've found a secret special place....
    The penny dropped over at John's blog.
    I find it very relaxing and peaceful here...I shall visit again. X

  4. Happy to find you as you were missed. I promise to tiptoe around as I read.

  5. Oh dear people are finding you, that's why I didn't add you to reading list as you said you wanted low key.
    I've not said a word - honest

    1. My fault completely, you've been a star, as has Joy. Commenting under the wrong id one time too often, oops my downfall 🙄

      But secrets are sometimes meant to be shared .. with the right people, the special friends. 💚

  6. It was the mention of Irene at Johns. I hope it's OK if I'm here?

    1. It's very okay ... as I said to Sue 'the right people and special friends' ❤

  7. I think I feel the same as Kim. Are you still on your beloved farm-oh I guess you are because you commented on another blog that a chicken was on the Aga!! It is absolutely up to you what you choose to share but I think you've left a lot of us guessing. You do sound very peaceful and serene these days and that can only be a good thing!


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