Thursday 31 May 2018

I am happy

I am happy

I definitely DO NOT need more stuff

I don't need better weather

Although to say it has been a bit erratic recently would be an understatement 

A bigger budget might be nice 

But no I can easily manage without 

I do not need a smaller body 

But I am working on a healthier one

Now IS the perfect time to be happy

But then again so was yesterday 

And tomorrow would also be good


Oh and to comply with European data collection laws I seemingly have to ask if YOU are happy that cookies are set and data is collected and if you can see the permission strip at the top of the blog for you too accept or decline 

I'm happy if you are happy



  1. It's at the top on my screen but, yes, seen it, thanks.
    Happy/content is an act of will much of the time and, yes, I am. I'm glad you are too.

    1. Eeeek, sorry - I read wrong. You said top!


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