Friday 11 May 2018

Be Yourself

I think things changed

Somewhere between me being what was expected of me

And me realising that I did not expect that of me

Be yourself


No one else can do it

Quite as good as you



  1. Loving all these quotes, Sue. I think my 40th birthday was a turning point for me....up until then, I'd done more or less what was expected of me, what others wanted me to do or be. Now, some 18 years later, if I don't want to do something, I don't do it. Husband and I live our lives the way we want to and are very happy for it.

  2. I'm still at the stage in life where I feel "forced" to do things, an expectation of me. My gut feeling is "no, no, no" but I carry on for the sake of others. One day I'll awaken to the option of doing/saying the alternative. I'm hoping with age, it will be sooner rather than later (I'm 54).

  3. It's taken me 65 years to learn this and I am happier now that I think I have ever been, despite various 'stuff'.
    J x

  4. There is so much here I need to learn. I tell myself these things but in reality I still live as I think others expect me to and I still feel guilt for things that I should not feel guilt for. Maybe part of it comes from not feeling good enough about myself. I'm 65 and it's time I learn to be happy with myself and start turning my life around for me for a change! Thank you Sue.

  5. On leaving school I went directly to work on The London Stock Exchange, my life only started when I handed in my notice having received a healthy bonus. Yay, freedom!

  6. At my age I feel I have earned the right to say no but why do I feel so guilty when I do:( Another insightful post Sue. I am so loving all your posts♥ Linda xx


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