Saturday, 15 December 2018

Escaping the Madness

While the shops filled up with people

With their trolleys

Full of tinsel, wrapping paper and too much food

I bought a Poinsettia

Jumped in the car

And escaped the madness with the dogs

And Alan came too

The peace and quiet

The biting minus temperature wind

And the weak Winter sunshine

Was exactly what was needed

To bring back calm and commonsense

We will be back on Christmas Day

I wonder if once again we will have the beach to ourselves 



  1. Lovely beach. We like a walk on the beach on Christmas day, providing it's not chucking it down. Everyone you meet (there are usually quite a few people on our beach) is happy and smiley - probably full of mince pies and sherry!

  2. Sounds wonderful, we don't have a beach here, which is such a shame.

  3. Our little town was quite empty when I went in for some money this morning but Yorkshire people are canny with their money and I suspect don't overspend at Christmas. It is bitingly cold here too and that discourages although I did see a man in his shirt sleeves in the car park. Your beach looks very inviting.

  4. It looks perfect. We're trying to decide where to go for a walk on Christmas day. Hopefully it will be nice and quiet. X

  5. A beautiful space with room to breathe.

  6. I hate shopping (apart from Garden Centre Shopping) and cannot be doing with all the crowds of people. I run around Morrisons on a Saturday for necessary food and run out again as quickly as possible. When we lived on Anglesey the best time of year to visit the beach was during Winter - when there was not another soul around.


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