Tuesday, 4 September 2018

A Smaller Life = Less Beans?

Just because it's a smaller life 

It shouldn't mean less beans

When the fourth can of a multi pack 

Contained less than the stated amount

A photo was taken

A form was filled in on the company website

Politely mentioning my dismay at my lack of beans 

Two days later  an apologetic letter

Landed lightly on my door mat

And two £2 vouchers for Heinz products

Were my consolation prize

My tiny larder will be replenished



  1. Well done! It pays to check....and to politely point it out.

  2. I have come across this in several things, sometimes it might just be an error but I have bought meat where the weight was wrong - sneaky buggers!

  3. For 10 grams? I just couldn't......................

    1. Ten grams light on this particular can, and of the multi pack of four cans ALL were light by between 10 and 15 grams ... it adds up. I wouldn't have said anything if the can had stated 'average contents' but they are stating that each can contains 415 grams ... none of my four did!!

  4. What’s also evident from your photo is there are far fewer beans and much more juice. My DH rants everytime he opens a tin about about tis and we use Branston so it’s not just Heinz. Good for you contacting the company and well done on receivibg a voucher.

  5. I purchased 4 375 gram packs of bacon. Each pack was 8 grams shy of 375 grams. This has to be deliberate otherwise would some not be over 375 grams?. I too complained and received $15. in coupons. When you consider how many million units of product are being sold, there's a profit to be had in shorting just a little. lepidilla

  6. I think this stuff, no matter how small, needs to be called out because otherwise the problem gets bigger. At the moment, here in Australia, there's a bit of "surprise" going on about adulterated honey. Outrage and denial in equal measure. Profit drives this kind of behaviour and, if consumers don't want to put up with it, then they need to let companies know that they want what they have paid for! Meg:)


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