Tuesday 12 June 2018

A window ...

Sometimes a blog is a window on a soul

Sometimes it's just musings written from the head

Sometimes it's the innermost you

Or the story of your journey

And sometimes it's all four

And more


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  1. Hello. I have just called in from John's (Going Gently) blog to say hello when I read you had a pug.
    I had a black pug called Algy (no, I know it is not a very original name)for fifteen years and I loved him dearly. For the last five years of his life I also had a German Short-haired Pointer (lovely, gentle natured dog) - Algy was the complete and utter boss and the Pointer obeyed his every command - they were great mates. The pointer was bereft when Algy died.
    I have loved reading your simple but such meaningful posts.


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