Wednesday 29 August 2018


I find myself more comfortable these days

More comfortable in my own body

In my own skin

In my own worth

I find I forget to look in the mirror

Forget to comb my hair

It's mostly just me here

The dogs

The chickens

And the cat

Are as happy with me as I am 

As they are with their little furry feathery tufty little selves

But when I found myself in Asda 

And realised I was still wearing the same jeans I wore to clean out the hen house an hour earlier

Did I panic and vow never to do it again

Nah ... I quickly realised that no-one else knew

Exactly what it was I was up to an hour ago anyway

The green paint on the knees

Well it could be a new fashion statement

Maybe I should have brushed my hair though ....



  1. Oh Sue, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who forgets to brush her hair sometimes before going out! I used to worry about it when I realised, but now I think 'well, nobody's commented or pointed at me or screamed so what does it matter?!'.

  2. I was horrified a couple weeks ago when I went grocery shopping without my bra on - figured it out right before I arrived but didn't care enough to go back home and fix the situation. I was definitely uncomfortable while I shopped and tried to hide the fact!

  3. I love this
    And though I’m on the other side of the Atlantic
    I’m in the same place

  4. I always bump into someone I know when I'm at my scruffiest! My hubby doesn't give a toss - he'll happily nip out in the oldest clothes ever! Maybe it's not such a bad idea - he's very happy go lucky whereas I'm a worrier! We're in the middle of a family feud at the moment - I'm heartbroken - he says f..k 'em!

  5. We live in a rural area of about 1200 folks, to get food, hardware or almost anything we have to go “ to town”. Yeah, I wear my chicken boots and mens’ flannel bottoms in the winter and grungy TShirts in the summer. Just gonna go home and work in the garden or chicken house or basement anyway.

  6. The best thing about very short hair - never have to brush it and nobody knows and it needs hardly any shampoo too! Win win.
    Thinking about shopping in Asda or any other .........some friends never go shopping in tesco or asda in one town near them because they say it's full of scruffy smelly people and arguing couples and screaming children and I realised that I never notice people when I'm shopping as I just look at what i'm looking for, So if you were in Stow in Asda I wouldn't notice you!!


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