Friday, 17 August 2018

Jump Ship

There is no shame

In jumping ship

In slowing down the merry go round of life

While you hop off for a while 

To take some time to smell the roses

Read the book

Curl up in a cosy bed

And close out the world

No shame in not answering the questions

Solving the problems

Or being there for everyone elses

Real or imaginary dramas

Sometimes you need to be somewhere else

In your special happy place

Or inside your own head

Simply doing your best

For yourself



  1. Something I have only just worked out, I am taking more time to smell the roses now.
    Hope you and Alan are keeping well.
    Best wishes
    Marlene x

  2. At my lowest ebb, feeling trapped in an incredibly stressful situation, I suddenly thought "What would you advise a friend to do if they were in your shoes?" The answer was immediately obvious. Be kind to yourself. Step back. Now! Once that realisation comes, so does freedom. Take care. Tracy X

  3. I really needed to read that today. Thank you! X


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