Saturday, 16 November 2019

A Bump in the Night

I was rudely woken up at 3.30am the other night with a bang and a crash.  Suky blearily opened her eyes to see why I was switching on lamps and leaping out of bed at such an ungodly hour and then put her head back down and resumed her snoring.

It's a good job she did as in the living room there were little bits of glass everywhere and my lovely family photo collage was upside down on the floor.  I picked everything up, rinsed out Suky's water bowl which was nearby and then started hoovering up all the little bits.  Housework at 3.30am … eugh, it's bad enough during the day!

The next morning I took the photos in the mount out of the frame and tried to remove the broken glass so I could take it to the framers in Garstang to get some new glass fitted, no joy!!  The glass was very firmly glued between two strips of wood and not risking to cut myself and still not get anywhere I took the decision to wrap the whole thing up carefully and put it into the big bin outside.

How annoying a frame that just cannot in anyway be repaired, what a waste of resources!!

So I have kept the original frame paper for a size guide and will look out for a replacement in the local charity shops.  A rude awakening and a recycling disappointment.

I was slightly cheered up though when I was shopping in Aldi for my Challenge next week and found these for just £1.19 a pack.   Of course I had to buy a box to try for my tea.

I cooked two as they seemed quite small in the box … but they grew and grew in the oven, so next time I know that one will be perfect for an easy lunch.  They are pretty tasty, not quite as good as the Greggs ones, but almost.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Sue xx


  1. I have to say they look delicious. I have avoid Gregg's, their food is so tasty because of the fat. Fat makes stuff tasty. What a shame about your frame, I wonder why it fell.

  2. Sorry about your frame, but good to hear your precious Suky didn't get hurt it could have been nasty stepping on the glass, not a guard dog then, a girl who loves her beauty sleep.💤

  3. What a shame about the frame. I hope you find another one quickly; it's a lovely picture.

  4. Good grief, sorry you had a disturbed night but thank goodness it happened at a time when Suky was nowhere near.

    Many many years ago I remember an entire kitchen cupboard falling off the wall - it was a heavy cupboard full of crockery and if a dog had been underneath - shudder - doesn't bear thinking about it.

  5. Sorry about your picture frame, but how funny that Suky didn't bat an eyelid and carried on snoozing! Just lucky she wasn't underneath it.

  6. I get the veggie cheese and onion rolls from Aldi chiller counter, similar price. Not much filling but one is an ok snack. I haven't seen the vegan rolls, are they in the freezer or chiller? Will look next time, but if frozen I would have to put them in the oven, and I don't use the oven.

    1. These are in the freezer, a choice of two varieties in our branch. And yes, they would need oven cooking, it is frozen raw pastry.

  7. Gosh you must have had the fright of your life, a bang and a crash like that in the middle of the night. Glad no one was hurt. Helen S.

  8. Those late night crashes are the worst. I am sorry that you couldn't fix the frame and I hope you can find something similar in your shops.

    God bless.

  9. One of the few plusses of wearing hearing aids. I take them out when I go to bed and thus hear very little in the night. Your crash would have scared the daylights out of me.

  10. What a shame about your lovely frame and very scary for it to fall in the night. Glad Suky was nowhere near it at the time.
    I like the look of those vegan rolls, Sue, must try and track some down. Even G would try those, I think.

  11. I would hate to be woke up like glad that was all it was. But not fun doing housework in the wee hours. Housework is bad enough any time.