Friday 8 November 2019

A Smaller Me?

Just me … a smaller me?

No... but I've given up worrying about that.

For any of you out there wondering I weigh 13st 4lb (186 lbs) and I'm 5 foot 6 inches tall.  I seem to carry it okay.  This seems to be my default weight setting as I can easily lose a stone in a couple of weeks if I put my mind to it, and just as easily gain four or so pounds if I'm on holiday or lazing around too much, but after a week or so of eating normally and moving about normally I always come back to the same old weight. 

I didn't really come on here to chat about weight that all just spilled out.  I was thinking about it as I walked the dogs along the riverbank just now.  This morning I had jumped on the scales after my two cups of coffee, two slices of toast and my shower to see what I weighed just out of interest  I was 13st 3lb, ooh I thought ... I should have weighed myself before all that liquid and bread!! 

 But then thinking about it again as I walked with the dogs in the lovely morning sunshine I thought well that's a pound lighter and I didn't notice it gone or do anything that I can think of to achieve it, perhaps I should see if I can reduce my weight by just one pound a week over the course of the next few months, it wouldn't be that difficult and it would be nice to be over a stone lighter for my big zero birthday next year.

Perhaps I will see what I can do just between now and my birthday in April so if there's a smaller me in future photos … you'll know I did it and if I look just the same you'll know I lost a bit … and then went straight back to default me. 😃

The two tops in these photos were actually what todays post was going to be about, my fingers seem to have gone down a keyboard warren of weight-loss words where in fact I was going to talk about sizes and sizing in shops!!

I've stopped looking at sizes in charity shops, and indeed in most shops … but I mostly buy my clothes from charity shops these days.  Instead I look for patterns or colours that jump out at me and lift them off the rail for a closer look.  In the past week I've bought these two, both on the half price rail in the Sue Ryder shop in Garstang at just £2 each.  The one in the top photo is an M&S size 18 and the one in the bottom photo is a Next size 14.  I usually class myself as a 16 but in my wardrobe I have clothes ranging from 12 to 20. 

In the next charity shop I went into there was a lovely fluffy jumper with a size 20 cube on the hanger, I lifted it down as I do love a big baggy jumper at this time of year to throw over other clothes when the Van gets a bit chilly, but it was tiny …  not shrunk, just originally mislabelled at manufacture and obviously not returned to the store by the original purchaser.  And funnily enough there was also a lovely blue and white stripey t shirt labelled as a 12 that I could have camped out in!

So now, and for the past couple of years I have shopped with an open mind about sizes … but I do admit to doing that girly thing and chopping out size labels if they are above my usual size, even if they don't itch me (which most actually do!!)

Sue xx


  1. Sizing of clothes these days is ridiculous. Many of my clothes are 16s - but I've also got some 14s and some 18s that fit exactly the same. Shame I'm not a size 8/10 as there are always plenty of clothes in these sizes in the charity shops.

  2. I've got size 10 tops that are smaller than 16s as well. I think part of the problem is that tops, especially, used to be more 'modest'. These days they are cut to cling to the body, but not everyone wants to go around putting their best front forward!!

  3. I find most labels do itch and yes, if they do I cut them out too.
    Sizes are weird. I've stopped looking except as a starting point really. And I flatly refuse to look at 'fitted' T shirts. They have to be 'straight'.

  4. I am so pleased that I am not the only one to cut out labels, I am sure that I am not kidding anybody that I am still a size 16 !!! I am only 5'2 and I did weigh 17st 9 but am now 15st 6. It has taken me since May to lose that amount after years of nearly all the diets going, this time I just cut out dairy ( already didn't eat meat, fish or eggs ) and ate more of a healthy diet and if I ate a ton of chips I enjoyed them and ate a little better the next day. At last I am becoming content in my own skin , this is me , not perfect but perfectly imperfect, and it's chips tonight :)

  5. I've been on a diet since I was 15. I was a chubby child, my mum called it puppy fat and said it would go. Of course it didn't. I'm 5'2" and currently 9st9lb, I was 8st for most of my adult life. 9st is my preferred weight. But I fit in in my clothes, with a few snug ones. I look at arm length and body length on clothes more than anything. Being short both make clothes look awful on me if I'm not careful.

  6. I recently bought two packs of nickers. One pack was fine, the other a mixture of 3 differing sizes but labelled the same size.

  7. Clothing sizing infuriates me. I regularly wear my size 12 coat with my size 18 dress. In between I wear 14s and 16s. I have shoes in 5, 5.5 and 6. It's ridiculous.

  8. I too have a wardrobe of clothes in all sorts of sizes. From a 14 to a 20. I don't weigh myself often and only 'worry' about it if my trousers get too tight. I'd love to be a bit smaller, but life is too short to worry too much about it. Your tops are very nice by the way!
    ps, thanks for your good advice previously. It's a work in progress. x

  9. I have been around 13st 7lb for a year or more now, and at 5ft 5in do not carry it as well as you, definitely too much round my tummy area (the things I publicly discolose on your blog!). I will join you in trying to lose a few pounds. I have vaguely promised myself to be 13st at Christmas/end of the year. We have no excuse now we are on the edge of the Yorkshire moors and no work until March so plenty of opportunity to get out and walk - if only this rain would stop!

  10. I have been trying to lose a few pounds (okay more than a few if I am truthful). I seem to have hit another plateau but I am tightening things up and that is just as good. I wish I carried my weight as well as you, but since I developed osteoporosis and shrunk almost two inches, I don't.

    I am, however, starting to like where I am and how I look.

    God bless.

  11. I'm always on a blooming diet, should know better by my age ! But I'll keep on going something may shift at some point ! I'm a label remover as I hate the feel of them on my skin rather than to hide the size. I dont have much joyfinding things in my size at Charity shops..


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