Tuesday 10 April 2018

A Smaller Life = A Smaller Wardrobe

When you're living a Smaller Life you can have a Smaller Wardrobe

But how small is a smaller wardrobe

Is it just the basics ... the bare minimum

Or perhaps lots of choice, but made up of clothes that mix and match and can all be used together

Or maybe there's a happy medium

Not quite just the basics

But just enough

For the Smaller Life you are leading

--- --- --- 

All these photos come from the brilliant Blog The Vivienne Files  it's on my sidebar 

I used the Starting from Scratch page at the top of the blog and worked my way through the instructions for building my new Smaller Wardrobe

It's an excellent resource



  1. It's what they call a 'capsule' wardrobe, I think. THere's lots of stuff out there when I looked it up and a quote caught my eye which I thought you might like.

    "Before I started dressing with less, I remember thinking a dress I saw in a magazine would make me look beautiful or feel sexy. I thought scoring an amazing deal at a semi-annual sale would make me happy and finally complete my wardrobe, but it never did. I always needed more. There is nothing you can buy that will finally make you anything.

    The secret to having it all is recognizing you already do."

    (from a blog called 'Be more with less')
    J x

    1. Yes, I've been following Courtney's blog for years ... and dressing using her Project 333 challenge since 2012 I think it was. I blogged about it the first few times I changed the things I was wearing each three months.

      She's very inspirational.

    2. I should have known you would already know it. :-) It's new to me but it looks good.
      J x

    3. Haha ... I guess I've been around blogland for a long time. It's always good to mention other blogs for others to pick up on though 😊

  2. WOW! I'm so glad that you liked this so much...

    1. Your blog is really helping me at the moment.

      I am in the process of having to build a small capsule wardrobe from my own already owned clothes, for a second location. As I say in this post it is an excellent resource. Using the Starting from Scratch instructions and leaving my usual P333 I am taking one wardrobe small and the other smaller. Then hopefully they will overlap nicely and everything I own will be wearable. The excess will be carbooted and the cash raised used to fill any gaps in my twin capsules.

  3. No chance of finding matching clothes when they all come from charity shops...I just have whatever I can find in my large-bum size!!

    1. A lot of my stuff was originally from charity shops, I tend to hold in my mind what I need and keep an eye on the rails. It's always worth a look 😊

  4. I keep delaying a wardrobe clear out, as it would make me face up to how few of my clothes I can fit into nowadays.


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