Friday 2 September 2022

A Rummage Through My Bookshelves ... Books, Books and More Books

I wanted to get some of my books sorted out and put into the same place, predominately this was to get all the wartime rationing type books and other inspirational books of the same ilk in one place ... and because sometimes I just like to play with my books.  😀

This one wouldn't fit upright on any of the shelves, so I took its photo for posterity here with some of the laminated posters that I found tucked inside it.

I know I love a good look at other people's bookshelves, so I thought once I had them how they were going to stay for a while I would take a photo of each shelf and area that I have my books on and in.

Top shelf of the living room bookcase.

Second shelf of the living room bookcase.

Third shelf of the living room bookcase.

Bottom shelf of the living room bookcase.

In the cupboard area of the living room bookcase.

A basket of booklets and ephemera from WW2 from the cupboard.

On the sideboard.

On the radiator shelf.

Also on the radiator shelf.

The kitchen bookshelf ...

... and the other half of it.

Oops, I nearly missed out these three books on the wire shelves in the kitchen.

On my bedside table.

Top shelf of the bedroom bookcase.

Middle shelf of the bedroom bookcase

Bottom shelf of the bedroom bookcase ...

... and the other side of it.

It's hard to photograph this shelf as it's less than a foot away from the side of the bed!

The little shelf in the living room, near my chair.

The basket that lives on top of the living room bookcase.

Once I had photographed all the shelves and areas I went around counting the books, I thought I might as well while I was in a booky mood.

I got to 335 ...

But when I moved the papers off my footstool, look what I found!!

So, I have 336 books in total, which although seems a high number is a lot less than when I counted them in 2015 HERE and got to a grand total of 619.  If you want a nosey at those particular bookshelves you can click on the link and then you will have to keep clicking on Newer Post, Newer Post at the bottom of each entry as I spaced them out over a few days.

I enjoy looking back at old photos of my bookshelves and seeing which have stayed with me and which books have gone.  I have a lot less fiction than I used to have for sure.  This photo was the shelves of fiction books at Berecourt Bungalow when we lived in Berkshire.  The non-fiction were in the alcove at the other side of the fireplace and on the shelves of the long bookshelves we used as a tv unit.

As well as some of my cookbooks in the cold conservatory style lean-to we had there.

It's been a lovely trip down memory lane, and it's nice to know that I can look at all my books both past and present just by clicking on the search box on any of my blogs ... as can you on any of the blogs that you are a follower of.

Sue xx


  1. I love to look through my books every so often especially as hidden amongst the pages of them are cards both made by and given to me by my children over the years, it's always a lovely thing to come across them but it also means I have to give them a good shake before sending to a charity shop. You have more Nigel Slater books than I, he is also so lovely to watch on the television, I covet his kitchen and garden and find him so relaxing to watch and listen too and so enjoyed " Toast", I often look through recipe books for bedtime reading , Atlas's too, I find them fascinating. The world would be a sad place without books.

    1. Talking of cards, thank you so much ... and many thanks to your Mum ... for the lovely cards you sent to me. There was no extra postage to pay, partly I think to do with the fact that I recently praised our local sorting office which is just up the road giving them a massive shout out on Facebook for something they did for me, and they done lots of other nice things since.

      I think I have all of Nigel Slater's books, he's a lovely writer as well as cook. Yes, I loved 'Toast' too and have it on DVD, it's been watched a few times.

      Thanks again. xx

    2. I am so pleased, phew, you are so welcome and Mum is chuffed to bits that her cards are travelling the country, visiting peoples homes.x

  2. I enjoyed browsing your bookshelves. I have or once had many of the same books as yourself. I keep a record of the books I have read on Pinterest which helps me avoid buying doubles😁

    1. Yes, I've been known to buy duplicates in the past. :-)

  3. I loved looking through your bookshelves. What a treat! Lots of my favourites in there - Homesick, Moneyless man, Garden in the hills, Nella Last...I could go on & on but won't.

    1. You're naming a few of my absolute favourite there, it's nice to have books that you can re-read and fall in love with all over again isn't it.

  4. What a treat to have a trip around your bookshelves. During the first lockdown in 2020, I gave away around 200 books free on the local fb page. I tend to read all fiction books on kindle now but keep my non fiction books in a bookcase in the study. Catriona

    1. You've reminded me that I gave a lot of books away during and just after lockdown. It was nice to be able to put a box on the wall near the flat whenever the weather was dry enough to do that. I did take a few from someone else who was doing the same too.

  5. Wow a lovely book collection and so NEAT! I think you have possibly made a certain other Sue a very happy lady today! ;)

    I've just counted my few remaining books and I have just 27 including my school prayer book and bible. Over 100 on my kindle but it's not the same at all! Do you think I deserve a bookie treat now that we are settled? ;)

    1. Well, it was tidy before but even tidier once I had re-organised everything and given the shelves a good clean. :-)

      I'm sure Sue will spot this post in her own time, hopefully it will inspire her to share her shelves with us, we've not seen her collection of books since she moved.

      Only 27 books ... gosh!! You have permission to buy one bookie treat a month until Christmas ... and then you can ask for some more for presents. ;-) I wouldn't survive with just 27 books, I could perhaps whittle it down to a hundred, but it would be a tough job!!

  6. In my Bookmark list of blogs, I have your blog right under Yorkshire Puddings blog and his son is one of the authors of your Bosh book. What a coincidence!

    1. A lovely coincidence ... those Bosh boys get everywhere!! :-)

  7. You have some very interesting, and readable books. I have given such a lot away this year, and hate to part with some of them. I like anything that JoJo Moyes has written.

    1. It's nice to give some books away but it's also good to hang on to the real favourites isn't it. I have a lot still waiting to be read, including JoJo Moyes'.

  8. I have to whisper all this as DH is sitting right beside me, lol, When I think about and realize all the different places I have books in this house the number is about 1,500 or there abouts. Good grief!! It doesn't seem that many when they're spread around in many different rooms. I do get rid of books after I've read them now, I didn't used to. God help us if we have to move, and down size at some point. Right now I could get rid of a lot of craft, quilting, knitting, sewing and recipe books and never miss them. That would make a slight dint😊. I wish we had something like your Ziffit(?) here. I do take lots of books to the big annual book sales, I just have to stop buying🙁😊

  9. I'm going to enlarge all your photo's and have a good look at all these titles. Thanks!


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