Tuesday 5 April 2022



I was sorting through my notebooks the other day, pulling one out to use as 'spare paper book' that I can grab when I'm on the phone and need something to write on, and I came across this one.  When I opened it up it had lots of interesting stuff in.   I vaguely remember buying it from Asda as part of a stationery pack during a Challenge over on my other blog ... Challenging Myself

Anyway what should I find written in the back of it but the plans for a different Challenge ... a £1 a Day for a Month Challenge.  I thought it was THIS one.

But none of the foods matched up!!

So perhaps it was for a Challenge that I never quite got round to doing.

Which seems a shame as I obviously put quite a bit of work into the plans!!

I wonder how the prices would compare to those in the shops now?

Now that's food for thought ... and perhaps a Challenge in itself 😄

And while I was over on the other Blog I ended up going down a rabbit hole of immense proportions and reading about lots of my other Challenges, including one of my more unusual ones that saw me splashing out on things every day of the week.

Challenge Three in 2019  'The Shopping Hauls Challenge'.

Which was a really interesting one to read through again and I spotted lots of things that are still in daily use that I bought over the course of that week.  So those few people in the comments who said that I was buying useless things and wasting money should perhaps come round and have a look at all the things that I still actually have.

I have only used about half of the pens and pencils up to now though!!

Anyway I need to get off the computer now, I've been on here for far too long 😀

Sue xx


  1. I expect the price comparisons will be shocking! It would be interesting though, I agree.

    1. Actually when I sat down and compared the prices there were only a few pennies difference ... downward!!

  2. I couldn't resist going back and re-reading your 2019 shopping challenge all over again. I enjoyed it just as much second time around especially the final day with the food bank trolley donation. I wonder if you would get as much for your £12 plus today. Mmmm....I wonder...;)

    1. I actually think you would get almost as much. I was shocked when I checked up on some prices, the basics lines are almost as cheap now as they were then.

  3. Prices have changed so much I bet it would be fun to find out how much.

    God bless.

    1. It made for an interesting half an hour on the computer comparing prices and it was surprisingly very favourable.

  4. Are you OK, Sue? Unusual for you to miss several days blogging,so I hope all is well and you're just gathering your thoughts about another challenge.

    1. I'm fine, thanks. See the next post for information.


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