Sunday 16 June 2019

Empty Rails and New Experiences

We had a really good day at the Car Boot Sale yesterday.

As you can see from this photo we mostly had books for sale and a number of larger items that were on a plastic sheet at the end of the table, some pieces of furniture, pig troughs, gardening stuff and a small oven.  I also had a rail of clothes which sold really well at just £1 an item.

There weren't as many sellers as in previous months as the forecast had been a bit hit and miss, but this boded well for us, less choice means people look long and hard at what is on offer on your stall rather than rushing forwards to the next one.

And the weather was lovely, a little bit breezy but sunny and warm all throughout the sale.

My helpers all fell asleep after a couple of hours, so I cracked on alone.  But I made sure I got photographic evidence of the snoozing in the sunshine ... just for posterity you understand  ;-)

We got home with an almost empty clothes rail, lots of empty boxes and the grand total of £172.20.  Not a bad days work, and another step towards simplicity.

We've continued selling today and have just managed to sell Alan's tipper trailer on Facebook Marketplace.  The money we make on it is paying for a little holiday for us in a couple of weeks.  How much better a bit of travel and some new experiences than something we aren't using anymore sitting unwanted on the driveway.

I'm blogging over on my other blog ... Challenging Myself ... every day this week as it Ration Challenge week.  I hope to see you there  :-)

I'm just about to set off back to Van life and the sun is shining, I'm taking small pleasures wherever I can find them 💜

Sue xx


  1. Good for you doing so well at the car boot sale.

    Off to check your other blog.

    God bless.

  2. Such a shame we couldn't come to the boot sale, it sounded really good. There aren't many left in the season so I hope we can get to the next one

    1. Rowen and Tal y Bont go on until September, and there's always the big boot sale at Rhuddlan, just across the road from Sainsbury'son the roundabout which is on every Sunday 😃

  3. Small pleasures are important! I hope your ration challenge is off to a good start.

  4. Now that my dear farmer has died and I am alone I could not consider doing what you are doing, but I must say I find it all rather an exciting prospect.

  5. Thanks for the info Sue, we are usually heading back home on a Sunday morning so we could go to Rhuddlan as a detour but we often have our cat with us so we would have to give it a miss when she's on board


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