Saturday 29 June 2019

At the end of the day ...

Sometimes you need to take it back gently

A whisper here a whisper there

Sometimes you have to fight for what is yours

But if it's yours

Take it back

And there is always time for coffee

Oh, and a spot of free WiFi



  1. Always!
    < using someone else's wi-fi and sipping an early morning coffee made in a friend's kitchen >

  2. But what do you do when it is just jobs that need doing, and there is only you to do them, over and over again. No one to ask for advice or bounce off ideas from, just you, to do everything, get up, work all day, go to bed, repeat. Surely in ones 70’s there is respite from constant jobs but it would seem not and today is going to be horrible and hot so sweating my bits off as well. Wish I could stay in bed but that won’t mow the lawn, put the bins out or wash the car.

    1. You work out ways that stop them needing doing ... or perhaps better ways to do them.

      The lawn won't put on much growth in such hot, dry weather. If you really must mow it, do it super early or super late in the cooler part of the day.

      There's no stopping having to put bins out, but if you work on creating less rubbish, they will eventually be lighter. Ours now go out once every three months, the recycling bin weekly.

      As for the car ... does it HAVE to be shiny. If it does, go to the drive through carwash or somewhere the guys wash it for you. Shiny car, guys earning a living ... double bonus.

      There are ways ... you just have to relax, take a breath and work out which ones are better for you.

      I do hope you can see past the heat and the sweaty bits ♥️

    2. I do sympathize though, Sarah. There's a groundhog-day aspect to life that just has to be done, and it sounds like you are the only one to do it. An aunt of mine, married to a farmer (lots of mutual hatred!) used to say "Wouldn't life be simpler if we didn't have to eat." She meant the prep, cooking, washing-up etc, and she never got any thanks for it. She was right in a way, in that there are things we have to do that are boringly repetitive, but she eventually took it too far. As she aged, her diet was appalling, because she just didn't bother to eat properly, and she succumbed to dementia, so I suppose it comes down to each of us making a decision about how we want to live, and what has to be done to achieve that.
      I do feel also that people make decisions about how and where they will live, on the basis that they are always going to be as healthy/mobile as they feel then. (This seems particularly true of some of the couples who appear on the UK's Escape to the Country programme!) I've already worked out that I would never be able to manage our house and garden on my own. I'd be heading for a flat or small house, on a bus route, with some good shops nearby. Much easier to manage!


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