Wednesday 5 June 2019

Taking It Back To Simple

Caravans are designed to have lots of storage, no wall surface it seems is safe from shelves and cupboards, no bed or seat is safe from hidden storage beneath it.  But here at the Van even living in it for lots of the time as I have been doing I don't need storage ... I  simply don't have lots of things to store,  nor do I need them.  The spaces beneath the seats in the living room are empty,  and the space under the king sized bed will be virtually clear once I have made up the twin beds in the little second bedroom.

The cupboard in the dining area bugged me from day one.  It looked terrible if left empty and only marginally better with things on it.  The cupboards being less than four inches deep were neither use nor ornament, except as a place to hang our keys. 

So it had to come down.  It weighed a ton, well 17kg ... who knew that caravan walls could take that weight on four little screws!!

We lived with the bare wall for a while to get a feel for it, and to make sure I had done the right thing in removing the cupboard.   Then needing to keep busy the other day I just went for it, my original plan ... wallpaper.

I'm really pleased with the result.

It brings a sense of calmness to the area and gives us a feature to look at without any clutter.  It's not quite finished yet as you can see the strip that joins the wall panels together running just over halfway up the wall, I couldn't remove this, although I did tempt fate and remove the foot long piece that was above the cupboard.

To make this look less visually obtrusive I have replaced the screws in the lower of the two screw holes that held up the cupboard.  These will hold brackets for a shelf which will sit just at the top of it, which along with a mirror will hopefully add just enough of a decorative touch to the wall.

I'm thinking just a narrow shelf holding a little wicker basket for our bingo pens and membership cards ... and a plant.

All the storage that I need.

I sat down with a cup of coffee after finishing the wall and putting the table and chairs back in place ... and realised what I had to do next to balance out the room.

Yep, just a little bit more wallpapering.

We both think it looks much better, and adds a little bit more individuality to the Van.  Now I know that caravan walls take wallpaper so well ... who knows what is next 😃

Bella News

Bella is still being looked after at the vets.  The vet I spoke to this morning said the night nurses had noticed a slight improvement in her condition.  She is on two kinds of antibiotics,  intravenous and oral, to try and kill off whatever infection she has picked up, and also anti-inflammatories to reduce any brain swelling.  She is still a very poorly little pup,  but at least she is in excellent hands.  They seem to be a great team.

Thank you for all your concern and good wishes.

Sue xx


  1. Goodness what a transformation. Looks lovely. Unfortunately I live with a hoarder so he would soon have every nook and cranny filled. Glad Bella is on the mend.


  2. We have always had wonderful service from vets we have used especially when our cocker ,Rosie had major surgery on her spine, it cost £4000, she was insured thank goodness even when our 2 eldery yorkies were put to sleep, they went together, the vets were crying with us, it sounds like you too have excellent veterinary care and little Bella is in very good hands,I hope she will soon be home with you, we have a small wall hanging that says,"Dogs are not are whole lives but they make our lives whole " and this is so true.

  3. Love the wallpaper, we have the same, albeit in a lighter colour, on the alcove walls either side of our fireplace. It looks really good on your fire surround, really finishes the room off.

    Glad to hear Bella is a little better.

  4. That all looks really lovely. Very homey and comfortable.
    So pleased that Bella is improing, albeit slowly.

  5. After living in a caravan or "mobile home" as we used to call them years ago, the walls do take wall paper very well. Some types of walls (with a bit of prep first) take paint very well also.

    Love what you have done to yours.

    I am happy to read that Bella is getting a bit better.

    God bless.

  6. SO glad to hear Bella is improving. You must be worrying like mad and missing her dreadfully. Hopefully she'll be home soon, milking it for all she's worth lol. That paper makes a world of difference, nice. x

  7. Good news so far on Bella. Love the wallpaper.

  8. So sorry to hear about little Bella - what a worry when they cant tell you exactly how they feel and where it hurts. Hope there is soon better news.

  9. It's looking lovely Sue, especially where the table & chairs are. You were absolutely right to do away with the cupboard! We just did part of our kitchen with white brick paper and I'm very pleased with it.

  10. I love the wallpaper, it makes the wall look so much better. I hope Bella continues to improve and comes home soon.

  11. Well done! Both areas look wonderful and they tie in together so well. How smart that you thought of adding it to the mantle area! I have been worried about sweet little Bella - I do hope she continues to improve. Keeping her and you in my thoughts.

  12. Sue my love, I am so sorry to read about Bella (I've been offline a few days and only just catching up). Are you able to visit her each day or do they want you to keep away so as not to distress her further? Thinking of you all. xx

  13. Poor sweet Bella - I hope she is out of the woods soon. A good vet makes all the difference when a pet is unwell. Fingers crossed here.

  14. Love the brick effect! Hope Bella is soon well and ready to play!

  15. Well done Sue, the wallpaper takes the van from ordinary to cosy cottage, it looks lovely and alters the whole feel of the area. I think the mirror would take your eye away from the joiner bump.

  16. It looks lovely - good job!
    Hoping that Bella continues to improve and is back with you soonest.

  17. I quite like it!

    Oh poor Bella! One of our kittes got sick with infection in stomac, didn't eat and started to have seizures. It was scary (she had small seizures when she was young kitten, but they have stopped), but we are lucky to live near one of the best animal hospitals (takes 12 minutes to drive - yes, I have driven that route several times). She did recover even if we were much poorer after that.
    Hope Bella will get better soon and you'll be able to have some Bella-time soon.

  18. Get well soon little Bella x


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