Tuesday 24 May 2022

Planning the Ration Challenge Week


I'm sorry to those of you who aren't that interested in the Ration Challenge but I just thought I would do another post today to let you into the secret of being able to eat relatively tasty food during a week when your entire food has cost less than £4.30.


The only way to survive this challenge with some of your energy intact is to plan. 

Plan what you are going to make from your rations and your rewards, plan out the recipes and plan your menu for the full week.  Because after doing this Challenge twice before I know that halfway through the week you develop 'Rice Brain'.  A fogginess that descends due to the sheer amount of white carbs that you are consuming, mostly in the form of rice.  I only have to do this for one week, imagine what it is like to live on this kind of diet week in week out for up to 18 years.  Yes there are babies that were born in some of the refugee camps that have now reached adulthood and are still there along with their families!!

This year just like 2020 I will be making up my raw ingredients into as many 'ready meals' as I possibly can right at the very start, because I know further into the week I will not have the patience or energy to follow even my own recipes ... no matter how simple they seem, and I will share my recipes with you as I make them.

I soaked 85g of dried chickpeas last night to see what the soaked and cooked weight would be for Challenge week and as you can see from my plan I got 200g in total.  So todays lunch will be some hummus, and I might even have a practice make of some basic falafels, luckily last night I watched a 'fast food' programme that I had recorded a while ago that showed falafels being made so I have a few tips in my head.

Thank you to all those of you who have donated and for the support shown to me already by so many, everything really helps, be it sponsorship or simply pom-pom waving and cheering from the side-lines.

The link to my Fundraising Page will remain on the top of the right-hand sidebar until after the Ration Challenge is over. Clicking on the picture takes you straight there and you can keep up to date with the current total raised, the rewards I have earned and the messages from all my lovely sponsors long with my 'thank yous'.

A massive thank you to everyone.

Sue xx


  1. I have just checked your sponsorship total, Sue, and am amazed and utterly delighted for you that it's already in excess of £530 ! It just shows how you motivate people to do things for others too. Even with the extra food you have 'earned' it will be a daunting challenge but I can see that your meticulous planning has begun ! Hats off to you for your kind heart and the inspiration to help others less fortunate than us.

  2. Good luck m'dear. Finally been able to get to your fund raising page and add a little bit.

    Excellent point about "carb brain", something many folk probably do not even know happens.

    1. Thank you so much Jayne, you are a star ... but then you already knew that didn't you ;-)

      Carb brain is a very real thing, our bodies slow down and in your brain everything you do feels like you are wading through soggy rice!!

  3. You are always so organized. I remember you talking about 'Rice Brain' the first time you did this challenge.

    God bless.

  4. I'm so interested in the challenge, Sue, and will be following with huge interest. Thanks for taking us along with you. xx

    1. It's my pleasure to bring you all along with me, I just hope I don't make you all lose the will to live with my constant ... 'Look how far I can make 50g of flour stretch' ... :-)

  5. All the best for the Ration Challenge! I will be cheering you on from the sidelines as I am not taking part this year. Feeling very conflicted about asking for sponsorship when so many are struggling with the cost of living crisis, despite it being such a good cause.

    1. I did feel that way briefly, but then I thought even if I only make £50 in donations it's £50 more for someone in a much worse predicament than us to have. The people that have donated to my page up to now are not wealthy people, but people that genuinely care and realise that while we are struggling in this country, there are people going through so much worse than us. I just couldn't sit back and NOT do anything.

      Thank you for your support, support can take on many formats and encouragement for me to keep going will be vital all throughout the Ration Challenge Week. Keep cheering ... and don't forget to wave those pom-poms :-)


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