Tuesday, 18 June 2019

A Trailer, A Lonely Crow and a Fisherman

This year we are selling everything we no longer use, need or no longer want.  It seems that my yearning for simplicity has really rubbed off on Alan big style!!

 Last weekend he sold the Ifor Williams tipper trailer that we have had since we started our new life in the country over ten years ago.  It was used to transport  farm equipment,  horse manure in industrial sized quantities and has been used for many, many other things besides, including moving house twice.

Now instead of a trailer sat in the driveway being of no use to anyone other than Mr Crow ... who has sat on it every morning for over a year to talk to his reflection in the workshop window ... the money we have made from the sale of it is funding a little jaunt to Amsterdam.  Another capital city to cross off our list of capitals visited since we met.  I've even dyed my hair back to light brown to match my passport, after a brief foray into the dark side 😄

We intend to enjoy time together, try new things, have fun times, make memories and most importantly of all ... relax.

Sue xx


  1. I have friends in Amsterdam - wondeful city especially if you like Art - do go to the Van Gogh museum - it is stunning.

  2. What a wonderful trip for you both! I'll look forward to hearing about it. Enjoy and Relax!

  3. I love that little tale, and John Lane's books. The fisherman is quite right - to use the modern parlance - chilling! Have a wonderful time.

  4. John Lane is right. So glad you get to visit Amsterdam. It was an interesting trip when I went as a kid. Enjoy.

  5. That tale is wonderful.

    God bless.

  6. Amsterdam is lovely. You will enjoy it so much.

  7. The tale says it all and not just about fishing.
    I fancy winding right back to the time when communication consisted of a fixed telephone in the Hall.
    However the thought then occurs that if that were the case I wouldn't be able to read your blog or comment!

  8. Amsterdam is wonderful. It's a favourite of mine. Enjoy!


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