Sunday, 22 September 2019


There's a calmness about me at the moment

I find myself very still

Sat staring into space



... about wandering

There's change in the air

It must be Autumn

My favourite time of year

Sue xx


  1. It's a lovely feeling g when you are at peace with ones self. I have had lots of those moments and generally I'm still liking the person I am. The only season I detest is winter.

  2. Ah, I love those moments when I feel at peace with myself.

  3. Calmness and peace has been high on my list of priorities for years, I am happy with my home, no mortgage , we don't have loads of money but have enough to feed ourselves and the dogs and to occasionally treat the family, our health isn't too bad but because of having two adult sons with problems the peace is evading us. One of my sons is particularly unwell and this week is having brain surgery, we are all hoping for an improvement in his quality of life which in turn will give me the peace I so want, that's all i want, health and happiness for those I love and in meerkat language -- "simples " .

  4. My favourite time of year too, Sue. Love autumn

  5. I love autumn and spring.

    Peace and calm are things I am still striving for.

    God bless.

  6. I have found in the last few years that I am changing as a person, I so much want calmness and peace but I seem to be rushing around trying to make it happen, I guess I need to chill a bit and let things fall into place when its ready to.

  7. That picture doesn't inspire calm in me - quite the opposite, in fact, How can anyone stand on that piece of rock sticking out in space, no support, just waiting to break and crash, Aaaarrrggghhh!!!


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