Tuesday 19 October 2021

An Offer Too Good To Miss ...?


An offer too good to miss ... well it was for me anyway!!

I was in Booths the other day picking up a couple of much needed supplies and I decided to treat myself to the November edition of Country Living.  In it was this flyer, now usually I don't bother reading any inserts they go straight into the paper recycling bin, but this one caught my eye.  I used to buy Country Living every month and I had a few years of it on subscription at one point too.  Then I stopped ... at £4.99 a copy, although it's cheaper than some other magazines it's still a lot of money for something with lots of adverts in, even if some of them are glossy 'advertisement features'.

Anyway I read through the blurb and decided that I would buy myself an early Christmas present.  A years worth of Country Living for £2.49 a copy and a 'free' CL Diary, CL calendar and Christmas Special.  If I'm enjoying it by this time next year I may let the direct debit run and get another year of the magazine at £3.49 a copy or if not I will just cancel.

I've shared the photo of the flyer in case any of you want to take advantage of this offer too, although it's only open to UK residents unfortunately.  And here is a link to the webpage to make things easier -  Country Living.  (I went for the Best Deal £29.94 option.)

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself it's the law 

... okay, okay I might have just made that one up 😉😄😄

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday, I won't mention my back again until I have more news,  but it was nice to feel all the support from you lovely lot yesterday.

Sue xx


  1. My SIL buys me a subscription each year as a Christmas present. The offer you got sounds good value. I do like the recipes - especially now I'm actually living in the country and able to go foraging more

  2. That is a good deal and yes, we need to treat ourselves sometimes! Isn't it nice also to have something to look forward to each month!

  3. I hope you enjoy this. Sometimes small things like this really boost the spirit.

  4. That's an excellent deal, Sue and something to look forward to every month without busting the budget. Nice Christmas bundle of goodies too. Great spot, and thanks for sharing. Morag x

  5. A good law...I must remember that one!

  6. actually i think it is the law to treat yourself x

  7. Sold!! Really looking forward to this, to thanks for the link. Julie C xxx

  8. Great deal and an excellent way to treat yourself to an early Christmas gift.

    God bless.

  9. I used to treat myself to a single copy of VL now and then, but the last time I had to pay 15 €, so I stopped buying it. What a great deal and a wonderful Christmas gift for you.
    Hilde in Germany

  10. That's an amazing offer and yes, you HAVE to treat yourself now and again, definitely. If we can, why not?

  11. A treat is sometimes the best ‘medicine’ of all. We should think of ourselves too sometimes. You deserve it. Everyone’s thinking of and supporting you. Thanks for sharing it too. x

  12. I'm so glad you treated yourself and yes, it IS the law! ;-) ~Andrea xoxo

  13. We have the same law in America that sometime you have to treat yourself! Good for you.

    I have bought a few copies of the UK version of Country Living over the years but it is very expensive here but it is a really lovely magazine.

  14. I treated myself to a subscription when I was feeling really down earlier in the year. I love this mag! I've still got a few more to come until the subscription runs out and try to pace myself so that the mag lasts a month of browsing. There are some good recipes inside. It's absolutely necessary to treat yourself! ;)

  15. Sue thank you so much for the details of the CL bundle. I already had a subscription which had just been paid for the next six months. But I rang them cancelled that and paid the £29.94 for the bundle and year's subscription, saving me £12.04 0n my yearly subsription and netting me the bundle. You're a star !!
    best Jean

    1. Brilliant, well done for asking for the offer. 😃


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