Monday, 30 May 2022

To Answer a Question ...


Someone asked me to explain the 'Rewards' system for the Ration Challenge and how it actually relates to refugees.

Basically, and to copy from this page of my Toolkit booklet:

 '  Refugees are resourceful, resilient and hard-working people. But to protect local jobs, many countries (including Jordan) deny or tightly limit work rights for refugees. This means they need to find other ways to provide for their families.

 Through the Ration Challenge, you are supporting livelihoods programmes in Jordan and Lebanon, which help provide a small income for refugees so they can add other food items to their basic rations. 

 You won’t have time to set up your own small business or grow a garden from scratch during the Ration Challenge, but you can earn extra ingredients to add to your rations by working hard at your fundraising. Hit the following fundraising goals, help more people, and earn these much-needed rewards.  '

In exactly one week ...with your amazing help ... I have just earned all the rewards that are available.  This means that alongside my basic ration box I now have all the rewards listed above.

My Rewards, and my choices for the ones I can choose are:

My Spice - Cumin

My team-mates spice choices are:

Paprika, Turmeric, Pepper, Onion Powder and Cinnamon

1 Garlic Clove

I don't drink tea - so no tea.


I gave away my milk allowance to a team-mate who is struggling to raise money.

My 170g of Vegetable will be Spring Onion.

My 120g of Protein will be Peanut Butter

400g Tinned Tomatoes

and lastly, the reward that came through today

My 330ml drink:  I may choose a coffee or it might be a smoothie or it could be wine!!

All these can be brought into the meal plan for the Challenge week to go alongside the contents of the Ration Box and the rice, flour and oil that we have to provide for ourselves (to keep postage costs down).

Finally, the email that arrived an hour ago -  

Hi Sue,

Thank you for going above and beyond. Raising more than £850 is absolutely incredible. You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved and the difference this will make for refugees and displaced people around the world.
We wanted to give you a reward just as amazing as your fundraising efforts, so you’ve earned a special treat, a 330ml drink of your choice to enjoy during the week.

What can you choose? It’s up to you. But it should be used in one sitting and can only be 330ml. Maybe you want to relax with a cheeky glass of wine, or maybe you’d prefer a can of cola or a barista-made coffee (oh, the caffeine)! Whatever you choose, enjoy it. You’ve earned it.

What to do next?
As one of the top Ration Challenge participants, we would love you to share your secrets of success with others. Will you share any valuable advice about how you achieved this in our Facebook group? We know the Ration Challenge community will be grateful.

The strength of the Ration Challenge community comes in sharing ideas, having tough conversations and coming together to make a difference. By sharing your advice with others, you’ll be amplifying your impact for refugees around the world.

Thank you again for your amazing kindness and continued support.

The Ration Challenge Team

Thank you for all the donations that meant I have whizzed through the reward levels, BUT the main thing is the money we have raised between us is now at a level that will feed more than FIVE refugees for a FULL YEAR and that is what I am celebrating.

Sue xx


  1. Congratulations Sue.

    I learn so much from you - it's very humbling.

    1. Thank you Jayne. I'll be sharing my YouTube unboxing video tomorrow ... GULP!!

  2. Wonderful news and an amazing total. How kind of you to give away your milk ration too :)

    1. It's an amazing total isn't it. I really didn't expect this much this year due to things being so tight for so many of us, people are wonderfully generous. I think the knowledge that this year some of the money is also going to Ukrainian refugees who we have all heard and seen so much about recently is making us all want to help even more.

  3. Congratulations. You did marvelously.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you so much. Watch out for a shock decision coming up tomorrow!!

  4. You've done brilliantly. If my husband was faced with any of those ingredients, he would starve, being such a fussy individual! He doesn't even "like" pasta or rice as they taste of nothing. I told him, that's the idea, they're just a base for food with flavour!

    1. I really do think that if he were put in the refugee situation he would soon learn to love rice ... as would we all.


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