Saturday 21 December 2019

An Imposter in the Ranks

Chicken World is busy these days.

As well as our remaining eight chickens there are a plethora of small wild birds, a small gang of Starlings, a couple of crows and the most recent addition is as beautiful as any of our girls or boys. 

 They are all here, on and off,  all day every day, eating the food and drinking from the drinkers.  Our boys do tell them off in the morning though and hold them at bay until the hens have had their fill at the layers pellets and corn.

Spot the Difference.

They are all boys ... but one is not a chicken.  

Luckily for our new resident Pheasant, Alan already has a joint in the freezer ready for Christmas Day, otherwise his days may have been numbered!!

Sue xx


  1. Replies
    1. He's a bit stroppy but he's getting tamer by the day. He's keeping his head down today I think, there's a lot of shooting going on across the valley :-(

  2. Does it seem strange having all that space after being in the van?

    1. Yes a bit strange, but mostly I hate the stuffiness of the house. Too much central heating and insulation!! I keep standing outside in the fresh air and wishing I could sleep with the window open ... Alan likes it closed.

  3. I never tire of looking at the beauty of nature. Those boys always get the pretty feathers!!

  4. What a beautiful specimen. We used to have a couple that would walk in front of our house on the valley edge. They have been missing the last little while.

    God bless.

  5. I hope all the work on your home went as planned. He is a wonderful specimen. Cheeky chappie using chicken world as a takeaway.

  6. What a lovely imposter, anything which flies in our garden gets fed, the wild birds feed with the chickens and even share the drinkers, I can't or won't stop them, I know a lot of people would go on about wild birds spreading disease, blah blah blah etc, but my girls are free range and you can't stop wild birds pooping everywhere, I say let them enjoy sharing and whatever will be will be.x


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