Thursday 5 December 2019

Christmas Image

Sorry for not being at the computer to answer all the questions about the little Suky and Sue image used on the last post.  It was taken from an advert for Christmas personalised mugs that I almost got tempted into buying.  

I don't 'do' Christmas china, indeed I don't do decorated china at all, virtually everything I own is now plain white with an indented stripe, no colour.  But things you have just for Christmas and then have to pack away and cannot in a realistic way use all year round are just a total no-no to me now.  So thank goodness with my sanity returning I simply clicked off the website.  Later I saw that my cousin had also picked up on these images and used her photo on her Facebook page, a bit naughty I know, but then I decided to go back on the website and rescue my images and save them onto my computer.  Later I turned the files into png images so I could use them in the future. 

They really are brilliant aren't they.  And in an effort to put the record straight and apologise to Gossby for not linking to them last time, here is a link to the website.  I don't usually do any sort of advertising on this blog but …. it's Christmas!! 

Sue xx


  1. Oh Sue... No Christmas China... That would be like not having a Christmas tree...:-)

    1. Haha ... not at all. We have a Christmas tree, a real living one that gets planted out into our woodland after Christmas. We have holly, ivy and berries from our woodland that are brought in to decorate the house every year, and we have favourite tree ornaments that get used year after year. All our Christmas 'stuff' fits into one box that lives in the cupboard in the living room between uses. Our Christmas plates are full of Christmas food, that is the only colour we need on them 🎄🎀😄

  2. Really lovely images.

    God bless.

    1. They are aren't they. Now you have the link you could make up your own and save it to your computer :-)


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