Sunday 1 December 2019

Drinking in an Image

Do you ever look at a photograph, drinking in the very minutiae* of it.  Drowning in the details, thinking about what you see.  Wishing you were there, or closer, or the image was bigger.  Or is it just me?  Images like this are powerful to me, they tell a story.

There are so many stories on the internet these days, good, bad, indifferent.  Entertaining, shocking, warning us, teaching us, telling us.

We see so much of so many peoples lives in this fast paced, media crazy world we live in .... or do we?  We see what they want us to see, the posed pouting selfies, the possessions they want us to know that they own, the clothes that they say that they wear all the time.  We read about the day they have had, the meal they have just eaten ... are eating, the holidays they have been on, or are on at the moment.  We feel we are in there, involved, part of something that in reality we are not.  It can be good, entertaining even ... but it's not real life.

As long as we know that it's fine.

Me … I'll stick with the simple images.  

The ones that just capture a moment in time that was worth capturing.  No fancy lights, no props, no little message underneath telling me if I want to own one of these there is a 10% discount code for one day only.

Sue xx

  1. *NOUN
    1. the small, precise, or trivial details of something.
      "the minutiae of everyday life


  1. I looked at the cupboard photo and thought " well,the wall needs plastering!"

    1. Haha ... I once had a wooden bathroom floor that showed patches of all the previous colours that it had been painted, bitty and threadbare looking. I LOVED it ... but everyone kept asking when I was going to finish the bathroom, so I gave up in the end and painted it white 😄🤣

  2. I'd settle for the image of that pug any day!

  3. Me too! Natural over contrived every time! Morag x

  4. I agree that is a powerful image, there is so much crap all over on social media, it seems like everyone wants to join in the little clicky gang and they seem all the same,(this obviously doesn't include us simple living frugal bloggers), social media seems a bit staged to me, people are mostly boasting or trying to compete, for example on Instagram who's got the biggest Emma Bridgewater mug collection, it does my head in. Seeing your little Suky sat in a simple old cottage is more appealing than looking at a dresser full of expensive mugs and knick

  5. You have it in a nutshell. Love simplicity.

    God bless.

  6. One of the idiot Apprentices has been caught out this week doctoring her waistline and pout. She has had to apologise. Why do people crave what isn't real. Simple is far superior.

  7. Yes, Images are indeed Powerful... and can be manipulated and so Editorial it's not Reality based at all. Simple and keeping it 100% Real is Raw and unfiltered, but much more Appealing to me, I can relate to it. It's authentic to Self to be more transparent about our Truth.

  8. Oh yes, I love to drink in the minute detail of a picture - I always did it with children's books too.


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