Saturday 15 February 2020

A Random Trip Down Memory Lane

While Storm Dennis batters this part of the country and to the soundtrack of buckets blowing round the patio and Alan rummaging through drawers sorting out paperwork ready for selling the house, I am having a very slow trawl through my computer sorting through old photographic evidence of what we have done to this house and the land around it since we took over ownership in September 2013.

It's a slow job because amongst all the repetitive photos that I am deleting of food and cupboards and vegetables, I come across gems like this … a chubby pre-diet Suky sucking on a Dentistix.

The truck loaded to the ginnels with things being brought up on one of the many weekends we drove from Berkshire to Wales for decorating the house.

The glorious assortment of chickens we had to move house with.

Rosy and Suky welcoming Mavis on her first night with us December 31st 2013.

The little egg cup and cosy I won for being 'Blog of the Month' for the second time with Dorset cereals ...

… and the years supply of cereals that came with them.

A fascinating and very random trip down memory lane that I thought I would share a snippet of with you on this wet and windy February Saturday.

Sue xx


  1. The Dorset Cereals competition - funny how things stick in your mind? I often think of you when I see their boxes in the supermarket.

    Stay safe this weekend, it’s foul here and a little frightening - and there is not a damn thing I can do to make it go away. It is starting to feel like this is the “new normal”. 😢

    1. Yes, seeing them in the supermarket always reminds me of having all those boxes in the cupboard. I was lucky enough to be voted Blog of the Month twice, so two lots of cereals over two years :-)

      The wind is really frightening isn't it. Our outside security light was affected by the rain and I couldn't get it to turn off. So it was flashing on and off all night, very scary for me here on my own. And I felt really guilty as the opposite side of the valley were suffering all night with a power outage and there's my light flashing as if to say 'we have power, we have power' :-)

  2. Cute Trip down Memory Lane......

    Be safe in the storm!

    💕 💕 💕

    1. It's taking far too long as I sit pouring over every photo … and there are hundreds, if not thousands!!

  3. I hope you have been safe overnight. The storm did not seem so bad here in Worcestershire but the rivers were very swollen before the rain and the fields were waterlogged so there may be some flooding on the road going to choir practice this afternoon. Have you decided where you want to live? Moving is always a challenge but I found the paperwork involved these days such a pain.

    1. Just as the fields had drained the rain started again. This time long, steady and persistent. We have woken up to the other side of the road being once again like a lake. We are getting used to seeing ducks swimming in the field opposite.

      We are moving to Garstang hopefully, if we can find a nice property. It's central for both our families and the same travelling distance (but an easier journey) for Alan travelling down South for work.

  4. Hope you stayed safe, Sue. I know what you mean about the wind being frightening, on top of the moor here, it had 2-3 times the power than down in the town. Like you, I was on my own last night as hubby was in work, but was let off early, not that he can do anything about the wind, but he's there if you know what I mean. Helen S.

  5. Gosh, how different your place looks now. Would never have recognised it as the same place. We always look out for the pigs on the gatepost when we're down your way.


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