Sunday 16 February 2020

More Withdrawals Than Deposits

I think the account has to close

I am drained


  1. You will be missed, but you must put yourself and your own needs first. xx

  2. I am sorry to read you feel this way, Sue - hoping it's not applying to your blog. I empathise with those sentiments 100%, I feel exactly the same way myself.

    1. I'm definitely NOT talking about my blog!

  3. Do something you enjoy, just for you, not anyone else. Helen S.

  4. Oh no
    I hope this isn't. Really bad

  5. I'm sorry that you feel so very empty at the moment. Do you know what you need to do to start filling up again?
    Sending love

  6. Do what you need to do to make some deposits.

    God bless.

  7. Sending hugs and best wishes. Take care. Better times lie ahead xx

  8. Sending comforting hugs to you Sue. Remember that Spring is on it's way. It certainly makes *me* feel better when I see signs of new growth and a little sun. Perhaps you'll feel renewed too x

  9. Don't know why. But very glad, you came to this decision.

    We all need to take good care of our self first.

    Then, everything else.


  10. It can be unsettling when you feel unbalanced, I find creativity , gardening, making books, sewing, knitting, cooking, can all help with rebalancing and then good decisions can be made.
    I find making a tough decision is the difficult part, acting is then a relief and the first step forward.
    Sounds like caravan time is needed quite soon.

  11. I'm so sorry you're not feeling Balanced, it is so important to be... may it soon be restored!

  12. Sorry you’re feeling out of balance at the moment, can you get some caravan time soon?

  13. Sending hugs, I know that feeling. The good thing about identifying it, it allows decisions to be made about how to look after yourself. Hugs, Morag xox

  14. On first reading it does look like your blog is for the chop. So gla it is not.
    I hope you sort out whatever has sent you off kilter


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