Sunday 9 February 2020

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara sneaked in last night and built and built and built.

While we cosily watched television the rain lashed the house ... which for the first time in years stayed dry on the inside!!  The chickens were locked in their house as soon as  it started to go dark, with enough food and water to ride out the start of the storm and they got through the night well, although it must have been very noisy for them in their little wooden house.  I knew it was going to be a bad night when we realised that little Banksy, the younger of our cockerels, was inside the house ... he usually sleeps in the trees just behind.

The birds all came out briefly first thing when I opened up the house, to have a mooch around in their now sodden world, but they very quickly decided that a Sunday breakfast in bed was preferable to their feathery skirts being blown up as they tried to cross Chicken World and all soon retreated back up the ramp to the safety of their home.

The photo above shows the fields opposite us a couple of hours ago, on the lower side of the road, with the sodden ground completely unable to cope with the torrential rain of the last few hours.  The River Conwy is about to rise again with the high tide due at 11am.  Then we will see if an emergency evacuation of the sheep hiding just behind the hedge will be necessary.  Our paddock is on standby for Thomas' girls if they need it.

At the moment the wind is building to unheard of speeds and noise, and the little traffic that is on the road seems to be in a rush to reach it's destination.  Personally I wouldn't go out there if you paid me.

I hope all of my readers wherever you are, are riding out the storm well.  Fingers crossed she blows herself out soon before any more damage is done.

A little clip during a lull in the wind earlier.

Sue xx


  1. It has been a horrendous night, hasn't it, Sue. I don't think I'll be going out today either. G has had to go into work and he texted to say there are floods and police cars everywhere along the route. Do stay warm and dry x

  2. We've got it bad in the East Midlands - in fact I've been pacing around most of the night due to the noise! So far all is intact. The rabbits live in their hutches in the garage in winter - so they're all cosy. The cat looked out the back door and decided againt risking it! The only casualties are a few tall daffodils which have snapped. I'll be glad when today's over. I know there are a lot of people far worse off.

  3. Heavy winds here, but not as much rain as I expected - yet, anyway. It's high tides that people will have to watch out for here.

  4. The chickens are being very sensible, we have to go out soon and it is really rough here now, I don't like it one bit.
    Stay safe and warm. x

  5. It's kind of you to offer the paddock. It's been wild here all night. Rain has crept in through the chimney so I'm hoping the storm will blow over sooner rather than later.
    I won't be going out today either. X

  6. It is rough weather all over, that's for sure. It comes and goes here; at the moment it's just gusty but it has been very strong indeed.
    May we all stay warm, safe and dry.

  7. That's looking very soggy out there. As long as you keep safe and dry nothing else really matters today

  8. Rain due here shortly. 70mph gusts here already.

  9. Stay safe my dear. It is good that the house stayed dry, but sad that it has happened too late for you.

    River levels have risen massively here since 7.00am, with much much more water to come down off the fells. Very little sleep thanks to the endless noise but we seem to be damage free, so far.

  10. It's not nice out there re at all. We are having a pj day and pup is curled up at my feet refusing to go to the garden

  11. Best of luck with the rest of the storm!!!!

    We are so happy, to have passed through our Ice Storm, with power intact.

    ❄ 🌕 ❄

  12. In work at 5am and avoided the motorway as it was so awful. On my way home this afternoon there was a tree across the road. Yes indeed it's a bit wet and windy.

  13. I'm glad you are safe and dry! Those fields are really flooded - I hope the sheep are okay. It is so good to know that all the work you have done on your house has paid off and kept you dry!

  14. I don't think it was too bad here last night, I slept through it, didn't hear anything. But we have had horrendous sideways rain and wind today. All cats inside, roof still attached to the summerhouse.

  15. I've been watching the news and the scenes are horrendous - I hope you all stay safe.

  16. Sounds like you fared 'not too badly' unlike others in different parts of the country.
    Is it obvious how much lower the land on the other side of your hedge in real life or only when things like this make it noticable
    And will need a dog to round up the sheep or can the farmer/owner do it by hand
    Nosy aren't I :)

    1. We live on a hill, so the land slopes downwards. The only 'straight and level' part is the road. So the field across the road is about 6-8 foot lower than the start of our driveway, and our house sits a bit more than that higher than the base of the driveway. But don't quote me on that I'm useless with measurements … it could be more :-)

      Thomas who owns the sheep uses dogs to round them up. Will, the shepherd who uses our paddock does it himself … his sheep just come to him when he appears … he feeds them cheap white sliced bread by hand when they are young, something that sheep love, and this seems to train them. It varies from shepherd to shepherd in this part of Wales.

      You are … but it's allowed occasionally ;-)


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