Monday 10 February 2020

It Got Worse ...

It got worse, before it got better.

If you play Spot the Difference with yesterday's earlier photo you will see that the train track (the dark line you can see across the centre of this photo) ended up completely underwater just after the high tide brought more water thundering along the River.

In Llanrwst, as some of you might have seen on the National news lots of our shops were flooded with water as all the little streams and inlets spilled over their channels, sending four foot of water into the shops along the main stretch into town.

Roads heading into Llanrwst ... for whatever reason ... weren't signposted as closed until 6.30pm last night meaning that articulated lorries that had no knowledge of the flood ahead had to reverse their way dangerously along the A470 to get to areas where they could turn around.  One poor guy knocked on our door to ask where the nearest available road was to turn his lorry round ... he had to reverse for a over mile, which is not good when you are reversing a huge articulated trailer into oncoming traffic who have no understanding of why you are doing this!!

The Co-op car park in Llanrwst yesterday morning.

So much damage in such a short space of time.  Storm Ciara has a lot to answer for!!

We have been lucky, we are on the 'right' side of the road and floodwater has never reached us, not so lucky are our neighbours with the beautiful campsite.  Their shepherds huts, hot tubs and camping fields are all under water ... for the third time in two years.

I can hardly keep my eyes open after being woken at 4pm by howling winds, one of our fences blowing down, things blowing around and our security light which is now full of water  flashing off and on like a manic belisha beacon, but that's nothing compared to the Monday morning so many are facing both here and in all the other flood affected areas of the UK.

My heart goes out to you.

Our next high tide is at 11.26 am and will bring an estimated 8m of water once again flooding up the River.  Fingers crossed.

(The sheep were safely load onto a trailer and moved back to Thomas' farm an hour before the field they were in was completely flooded.)

Sue xx


  1. Very scary Sue isn't it. We had it like this on July 30th last year when our village was badly flooded - much of it flooded again yesterday but not as bad and everyone on the bottom side of the beck had boards and sandbags out ingood time, so I don't think anyone was actually flooded this time.

  2. Blimey, that is a huge a amount of water. Saturated ground beforehand probably didn’t help either.

  3. It makes me so frightened seeing those images and it is happening more and more. One thing for sure you have to be very careful when choosing where you live these days.
    I am so relieved to hear the sheep got took away.

  4. We don't realise how much we are at the mercy of the weather until it decides to show us. We got off very lightly around here I think.
    I, also, am really glad the sheep were OK.

  5. What a mess this storm has left in so many parts of the country. It must be heartbreaking to try and run a business when you know this could easily happen again.
    I'm glad you and sheep are all OK

  6. So glad to hear that you are safe and high enough to avoid the worst of the flooding - it is amazing how quickly floods can come in and how much damage they can do. I hope that you all stay safe and warm and that the storm passes quickly.

  7. I think the Co-=op must specialize in building on low-lieing land - their car park in Lampeter is regularly flooded and I noticed their new petrol station at Mythelmroyd was also under water (from Ciara). We've lived in Wales for 32 years now so are used to heavy rain and storms from the South West (see my blog photo for how our river gets quite regularly).

    Glad it's all subsiding with you now, but the damage is done for those poor shopkeepers in Llanrwst.

  8. Oh my, what a mess! Does the highway ever get flooded out? It looks so close to coming over the road here. I'm glad you were all safe, thank goodness for the work you had done on the house and to the fact that you are up on a hill.

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  10. Oh Sue, that is so heartbreaking. And I know I’m not the only one thinking it is happening more and more frequently.

    We have only had high wind and a bit of rain so far which feels like a really lucky break, although not all of Cumbria has been so fortunate

  11. Our old cottage is 4 miles above Llanrwst so a long way from the river but we still got 4 inches of sludgy brown water in all ground floor rooms - it's not fun

  12. It is very scary weather and my heart goes out to all those people that have had their homes and businesses flooded and ruined. It must be beyond heartbreaking. So glad the sheep got out of that field that now just looks like a big swimming pool.


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