Friday 1 January 2021

A Quick Look Back at the Year


Happy New Year to everyone that reads my almost daily ramblings.  

I hope that this coming year is kinder and more gentle with you all than the last one was.  Before we step forward into the great unknown here is a look back at my life during 2020 ... the year that lots happened but that somehow still seems to feel like a total non-event!!


Rather fortuitously I started the year buying a pair of new walking boots in the Hotter sale.  They sure came in handy when walking became the new going out!!


While the Caravan Park was still closed I was stuck in wet, wet Wales.  Flooded fields and dreary days.


Then it all changed, the sun came out and the Park re-opened after the closed season.  Washing was dried in the sunshine and doggy walks along the river made me and Suky happy.  Then after a couple of glorious weeks the park closed again as Lockdown hit the UK with a vengeance.


A lovely surprise was waiting for me when I got home to Wales, Ethel was back and with her a brand new son ... Joey.


The month my new best friend arrived.  
Who else will tell me what day it is without laughing at me!!


Then suddenly it was quite nice being stuck in Wales with the sunshine and the flowers.


But then Van Life resumed and my true life beckoned 😃


Long days, long doggy walks and lots of blogging from the kitchen table.


The month I managed to get to two car boots sales, before they were closed down yet again.


October brought a massive change, with me renting a flat and putting the Van on the market.  It was the end of an era but one I think that was a very necessary transitioning zone.  It was fun turning a blank canvas into a comfortable temporary home.


November was spent falling in love with my new hometown.  

The shopkeepers, townsfolk and the town council do so much to keep things warm and welcoming and participate in all calendar events.  The Remembrance poppies are just one of the ways the town shows it cares. 


It seems somehow fitting for December to show the leftovers of my Christmas dinner.

In my view 2020 is a year best left behind, and as we move forward into the chilly New Year I wish all my blog readers, family and friends all that they would wish for for themselves if they weren't such a beautiful bunch of  be more generous to others glorious folk.

Happy New Year ...let's make the most of it it's all we have until the next one!!

Sue xx


  1. Always fun looking back. Goodness knows what this year will give us.

  2. May 2021 bring us all more hope and better days. And an easy move for you!

  3. Here's to easier lives for us all!

  4. Here's to 2021- a better year for us all.
    Soon be snowdrop time - January's gift of hope.

  5. Happy New Year to you too Sue - hope it is better for us all. Love the look of those Christmas left overs.

  6. What a year for everyone but big changes for you.You seem really content with the decisions you have made.
    All the very best for 2021.

  7. Mike and I will miss bumping into you and Alan at the Welsh boot sales but obviously we wish you both well with the new chapter of your lives. I very rarely leave a comment but I read each blog post with interest but only just noticed that your beige sofa looks like one of ours, is it a Marks and Spencer one by any chance?

    1. We missed each other completely this year didn't we thanks to all the lockdowns and travel restrictions :-(

      I don't think the sofa is from M&S it doesn't have the quality you would expect and I can't find a label or fabric swatch on it. It was £95 from the Hospice furniture shop on the High Street near my flat :-)

  8. Happy New Year Sue, we look forward to seeing your next adventure. Be safe, be happy and be healthy. x

  9. Happy New Year Sue. I look forward to reading all about your new house this year and of course your new challenge. Jo in Wisconsin.

  10. Happy New Year. Another one with a new house to go to. Enjoy!

  11. Happy New Year Sue! I enjoyed your review!

  12. None of us imagined that we would ever have to experience a year like the last one ,it brought out the worst of people but mainly the best , hopefully at the end of this year we can all look back having come through it happier , healthier and more appreciative of life. Wishing you a Happy New Year and the best of luck with your new challenge , Chrissie x

  13. Goodness, it is easy to forget just how much you had to move around in 2020 because of lockdowns. None of anyone else's business, but can you tell how sales are going for the van and the smallholding?

    1. The Van sold within weeks of going on the market and the money we made has gone towards the deposit on the new house, there has been some interest in the smallholding but no offers as yet, we have our fingers crossed for a sale in Spring when it will look so much more appealing.

      The house purchase is all going through, with a mortgage agreed and a survey being done first thing in the New Year.

  14. Happy New Year, another one who rarely leaves a comment but so enjoy your blog. Looking forward to hearing about your new home and any other challenges you might be thinking of doing. Take care & stay safe.

    1. Thank you. There's only one other main Challenge this year it's on a separate new blog which is to be found here:

  15. Happy New Year to you too from Australia. All the very best to you with your adventures in 2021.

  16. Thanks for the kind new year wishes. I wish you good health and happiness!

  17. How is the sale of the caravan affected by the lockdown?

    It seems that you were able to enjoy the year despite everything.

    You managed a few challenges last year that I don't see on the list.

    Happy New Year to you!


    1. The Van sold after a couple of weeks and wasn't affected by lockdown at all. All the other specific Challenges from last year were over on my Challenge blog so the photos from them are in separate files, the photos used on this post are all from this blog.

      I did enjoy the year in a strange way. Being an introvert means that I recharge my batteries by being alone and the company of others isn't always needed or at times welcomed, so having such a bloody good excuse to stay home alone was very good in some ways :-)

      Happy New Year. xx

  18. Happy New Year to you, thank you for all the work you put into your blogs you have kept us all going through out this past yearx

  19. Happy New Year Sue - I am having a quick catch up in blogland after a long absence and your round up was great to read. I see you have moved again - looking forward to hearing about your new home.x


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