Saturday 23 January 2021

Time for Some Calm


I feel it's time for some calm, so I am taking a weekend off from my computer and most of social media.  There will be dog walks ... no matter what the weather ... and much watching of calming films and series on Netflix, and reading, there will be lots of reading.

In my absence I leave you with some of my favourite YouTubers and their latest videos.  SO pull up a chair, grab yourself a nice hot drink and relax into the films.

The Cottage Fairy

So much glorious snow.  This is just the video to watch with a steaming mug of coffee in your hands.

 Apronful of Stones

Including the village of Eyam and it's story.

Fairyland Cottage

Because watching someone else clean always inspires me to do my own 😀

My Vintage Lifestyle

To keep me on track with my ration recipe cooking.

I hope you enjoyed watching these videos from just four of my favourite YouTubers.  Do you have some that you watch that are along these lines, I would love to find a few more.

Sue xx


  1. Thank you for these links - I love a good YouTube fest!
    Have a lovely gentle weekend.

  2. I have been watching Bridgerton these past couple of days, so entertaining! A very welcome relief from the realities of Covid news! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hi Sue,

    as for Youtube vids, there is Liziqi, a Chinese vlogger who does the most amazing things, cooking, baking, making silk, building furniture, all in a very traditional style. No talk, just very elegant pictures and gentle music:

    An here is a young Asian woman living in Germany, in a fairly standard flat, with her husband and daughter. She does amazing things like renovate her kitchen or turn her balcony into a vegetable garden:

    There's also no talking, just nice music, and there are English subtitels.

    Enjoy you calm weekend. SL

  4. I think in lockdown there is nothing.better than a glimpse into someone else’s life. I go to the Amalfi coast at Nicki Positano on YouTube as often as she lets me.

  5. Sue I second Nicki Positano, I have only recently discovered her channel and I love it xx

  6. I had just watched the Apronful of Stones video on a different blog and was so moved. I did not know that all of these great videos are on YouTube and will check them out. Thanks so much.

  7. Love the first 3 you tubers on your list. Will have to have a look at the 4th. Such calming channels!

  8. I enjoyed the videos. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Enjoy your weekend. I think you would enjoy Collette O'Neil's YouTube channel entitled "Bealtaine Cottage". Give it a whirl sometime. ~Andrea xoxo

  10. I watch Isabel Paige on Youtube, Very uplifting and inspiring.

  11. Thanks for the YouTube links.

  12. I love spoonful of stones. Such relaxing and wonderful videos. The one on Eyam was sad but true of us today.

  13. I hope you have enjoyed your calm weekend.

    God bless.

  14. I follow the first 3 but will have to check out the 4th:) xoxo


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