Tuesday 5 January 2021

Back by the River


I set off back for my flat in Garstang yesterday.  I'm no longer registered with the Welsh NHS and would not have been able to have the vaccination there when it rolls out for the over 60s.  It could be a long way off it seems but it makes sense to at the very least be in the right place in case things speed up or change.   Although I had stayed firmly put while the two areas were in different Tiers, once the Tiers were equalised and the holiday season was over I thought it best to head for home.

And I do feel that the flat is home now and I have been itching to get back for ages.  It seems Suky does too as soon as we arrived we went for a walk along the riverbank and through town and she trotted happily by my side with her tail held high and stopping and sniffing at every upright object to see who had been there in her absence.

I took a few photos early this morning, they look quite gloomy after the glorious sunshine I arrived to yesterday, but now it's nearly lunchtime and the sun is back out.

I wanted to capture a photo of the tree, while it was still decorated.

Day by day in the run up to Christmas more and more baubles appeared on this little wild growing tree.  They only go so high because it is the prickliest and needle sharp tree you can imagine.  Last night I noticed for the first time that it also now has fairy lights on it.  In the dark of the riverbank it looked magical as I stood waiting for Suky to finish her mooching around ... and other things!!

In a minute it's time to start my job for the day.  Sorting through the fridge, freezer ...

... and the food cupboards.

I had forgotten how much food I had left behind here and I need to have a proper sort through and store like with like so that I can 'shop from home' for my ration Challenge and use things up in chronological order instead of going to the shops.  And of course I also need to take temptation away 😄

Already completed this morning was the taking down of the Christmas decorations ... it didn't take long and now they are all neatly packed away.

Sue xx


  1. Its very wise to try and be in great right place for the vaccine. As we are both over 70 it looks like it will be around the end of Feb but who knows. It might speed up as they get organised.
    I love the decorated tree! Welcome home Sue x

  2. Still got our tree up here. Haven't taken the decorations down yet, either. Thinking of leaving the tree up until the council's Christmas tree collection day next week: if I take it down and store it somewhere else, I'll just get pine needles everywhere! That's my excuse anyway. In fact, I just like looking at it.

  3. I am working on taking down the decorations bit by bit this week. It is always more fun to put them up than to take them down!
    I don't think I will get a vaccine until April - not too organized in the US.

  4. Welcome home to your flat! I have almost all my decorations packed but the tree is still up without decorations. That's a job for today. I promised the cats their toy box can come back out after the tree goes. I hope you can get the vaccine soon. We are both 68 but I doubt if we will get it for a long time. They are not doing too good at getting it out here. Enjoy your week Sue!

  5. I took down my decorations yesterday so at least that job is done.
    I have also gone through the freezer and the pantry to get things organized. A lot of the leftover treats have been put into the freezer in order to remove a lot of temptation.
    At the rate they are moving here I don't expect to get vaccinated any time before the end of April or May. I'll just have to keep busy and follow the rules until then!

  6. Our decorations came down on New Years Day. I love putting them up but strangely I also like taking them down and getting things back to neat and tidy to start the new year. We too are getting through left over nibbles and sweet stuff and miraculously when I asked him indoors what he wanted for dinner he wanted a vegetable stew !!!! Hooray !!! , one huge pan made with dumplings enough for two days and he loved it --- there is hope yet ! My favourite thing so far this week has been a huge chunk of fresh seeded bread with vegan butter ,sometimes the simplest things are the best x

  7. Glad that you are back "home" and Suki is happy about it as well.

    I haven't even started taking down the tree. That will be this weekends to do.

    God bless.

  8. Welcome home Sue and Suki♥ I'm sure you had a lovely walk along the riverbank:) xoxo

  9. Welcome home, Sue and Suki!
    I love the idea of that communal tree with everyone adding bits and pieces to it, a real incentive to go out every day and see what's been added.
    We don't do Xmas decorations just some evergreen boughs in the house, which went in the garden waste bin last week as they'd wilted. I've left my wreaths on the front and back doors, they still look alive so it seems a shame not to. xx

  10. Our tree usually goes up pretty early and comes down near New Years Day. This year it’s still up until we have our Christmas with the grandkids this weekend. I really feel for all of you over in the U.K. Things have never locked down as tightly where I am. I am still able to go to work and do my shopping. I am in vaccinations group 1C and probably won’t have the option to get vaccinated until April (at the earliest).

  11. There was no tree for me to take down here at the flat so it didn't take me long at all :-)

    ALL the decorations fit into that little box except for my new china Christmas plate which is on top, nice and minimal and just as me and SUKY like it. :-)


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