Thursday 10 November 2022

Splurging, Decluttering ... and First Christmas Presents

I discovered ZENB pasta while watching a YouTube channel, so I decided to check out the website for myself.  When I was offered a 40% discount on a first order just for signing up for the newsletter, I thought to myself why not try it.

The pasta is made with yellow peas instead of wheat so I thought it might be tasty, and it really is!!

I may have gone a little bit mad with my order, but already my purchases are proving to be very useful.  The Agile Bowls are like a healthier Pot Noodle and come with an additional sachet of olive oil to pour over the cooked pasta once it's ready to eat ... a revelation in flavour for sure.  

I've sort of gotten fed up with bread this week, so I took one to Mum's yesterday for my lunch instead of the sandwiches I usually have ... I still made sandwiches for Mum and Alan, and after a horrendous journey in torrential rain for the first half before arriving in a surprisingly sunny Manchester, a hot lunch was just what I needed.

If you fancy learning a bit more about Yellow Pea Pasta, the website is HERE.

Meanwhile the decluttering is ongoing. 

I took all the coursework, recipe folders and the box full of more recipe folders out of the bookcase cupboard and went through them all carefully.  I chose to do it the day before the paper recycling bin was due to be emptied so I would be ruthless and have no chance to change my mind ... and it worked a treat.

Now all the recipes that I want to keep and that might actually get made up again, are in the one black folder, and there is lots of space for me to continue doing the same thing with another stash of recipes that I have.

I am going to use the bottom of the bookcase cupboard to house all the books that are currently left on the bedroom bookcase, and then that bookcase is going.  So, I will have more space in two rooms out of my three-room small home, it's starting to feel very liberating.

Although I have just acquired a few new things from Dunelm for the kitchen as my Christmas present off Alan.  Some things in and somethings out, it's pretty balanced I guess.

Premiered today ...  the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2022.

Yes, it made me cry.

My best friend went into care on Christmas Day many, many years ago ... so it was bound to.  💝

Sue xx


  1. The Zenb pasta sounds very intersting, thank you for discovering it, I'll have to go and have a look.

    How does it 'feel' when you eat it. Ages ago I tried some pasta from green pea flour and it was awful - no matter how long it was cooked, or what sauce I used, it was terribly 'dry' and not very nice at all.

    1. It feels really nice. I do know what you mean, I had some lentil pasta and some other type once and it felt so wrong, as though they had made it out of reconstituted cardboard. This tastes soft ... so perhaps not good if you prefer a real 'al dente' pasta ... but very enjoyable and healthy.

  2. I've seen the pea pasta advertised but I'll not be trying it just in case it has the same effect on my stomach as chick peas!

  3. I love the nutty flavours of pulses and beans - but they don't love me - nuff said! I haven't seen that ad yet but it does sound very poignant and perhaps more in keeping with the difficult times we are all facing.
    Alison in Wales x

  4. I thought that pasta sounded good, much healthier than the normal flour and water stuff. I don't eat much pasta but went out for an italian meal last night and had the most amazing vegan spaghetti lentil ragu so I might have to investigate further. xxx

  5. Can’t beat decluttering and new foods to try.

  6. I like your way of decluttering.

  7. It's just made me cry too. Powerful . . . xx

  8. Thanks for the link-I think I will order some. Lentil pasta isn’t to my taste but I’ve had noodles made from peas so hopefully I’ll like this as a change. Catriona

  9. I am going to check and see if we have anything similar to that pasta here in Canada.

    God bless.

  10. It made me cry. Beautiful message.

  11. The pasta sounds interesting. I have only had pasta once since June, trying to cut carbs. But this might work well for me, if it is available this side of the pond.

  12. I've tried the pea pasta and you can also get a red lentil one which is also tasty. But it doesn't take as long to cook as I found out once and was left with a panful of red mush! Im glad Ive found your blog as I couldn't figure out where you'd gone!!My blogger had also started to play up - not sure if it was me, my laptop, my internet or what - but happy to be here!

  13. The John Lewis advert was lovely and very poignant.

  14. What a lovely advertisement, it's nice that its not about loads of food or expensive gifts ,it's better than that, commitment and caring whether young or old, giving our time and if we can't do that and can afford to, donate some money so that somebody else can. Thank you for sharing. x

  15. Good for John Lewis. How good to see an ad that isnt full of food.


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