Saturday 18 March 2023

Just Words and Pictures


William K Blacklock - The Morning Post

Disclaimer -  She is a real person.  She struggles and she sparkles.
She is no longer afraid to say what makes her angry, sad or what she thinks is unfair.

She's not afraid to admit that at times she feels worthless, lost, or not enough.
She's refusing to hide from love, beauty, aliveness, magic and abundance.

She won't edit the sad or messed up parts of her story, or the magnitude of her triumphs, to make anyone comfortable.  She is a real person.

She struggles and she sparkles, she is a real person.

Tanya Markhul

Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned to do.

Sue xx


  1. I loved reading this - Thank You x
    Alison in Wales x

  2. Yes thank you. It's everything I've been feeling lately. x

  3. Such a wonderful post and for me so relevant. The Brooke Hampton quote really sums me up right now.

  4. Lovely post, the second meme is me at the moment, at the risk of moaning my week has been full of negative things not of my own making, the two things that affected me the most concerned my sons, ( identical twins 41 both with problems ) and as you know Sue one has drug resistant epilepsy ,he came with me to the chemist to collect his meds and the lovely lady who usually deals with us knows of his problems ,it is clear to us that following some very lengthy seizures he has more damage to his brain but for the very first time somebody spoke to him as a mentally disabled young man , he didn't pick up on it
    and spoke well to her but I did she was very kind and sweet but it really got to me that it is noticeable that he is not right ,it tugged at my heart strings. The other thing was that his brother was a victim of identity theft last November ,he has aspergers which made it all the more difficult to deal with ,I sorted it all for him but one of the companies have involved a debt collecting agency and my son got a horrible threatening letter , he was in tears and full of anxiety and now doesn't want to open his door afraid that it could be them ,it took me three hours of phone calls to sort it they admitted their mistake but damage already done, it was a battle for them to take responsibility. The rest of the " bothersomes " were smaller things but all stemmed from incompetence, selfishness and arrogance so last night I said to Phil ,I really just want to interact with my family and close friends , spend my time doing things that make me happy, the simpler the better and sod everybody else which is sad because I have never been like that , I will not be nasty to my fellow man or woman but will wary and selective. Sorry to moan but it is so much easier to write on here than tell a friend as you know the saying ( A friend in need ----- is a bloody nuisance ) :) Have a lovely weekend , I will enjoy a lovely evening with my boys and a Chinese take away , curtains pulled to shut out the world. x

  5. Hello! Thank you for this. I relate to all, especially the second one. The older I get the less I want. Less things, less drama, less people. Have a cozy evening.

  6. Thank you for all these wise words. xx

  7. I’ve kept number 2 saying to remind me to keep on keeping on. ❤️ Catriona

  8. The Brooke Hampton quote is exactly how I'm feeling right now. Oh, and I adore the Blacklock painting :)

  9. Something that really resonated with me is: "Never accept the opinion of someone you would never ask advice of."

    1. Yes, I saw that quote only the other day and it resonated with me too!

  10. Hope your weekend was wonderful.

    God bless.

  11. Seeking the sparkle ......


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