Tuesday 26 September 2023

And because she was ...


When she was a little girl
they told her she was beautiful
but it had no meaning
in her world of bicycles
and pigtails
and adventures in make-believe.

Later, she hoped she was beautiful
as boys started taking notice
of her friends
and phones rang for
Saturday night dates.

She felt beautiful on her wedding day,
hopeful with her
new life partner by her side
but, later,
when her children called
her beautiful,
she was often exhausted,
her hair messily tied back,
no make up,
wide in the waist
where it used to be narrow;
she just couldn't take it in.

Over the years, as she tried,
in fits and starts,
to look beautiful,
she found other things
to take priority,
like bills
and meals,
as she and her life partner
worked hard
to make a family,
to make ends meet,
to make children into adults,
to make a life.

she sat.
Her children grown,
her partner flown,
and she couldn't remember
the last time
she was called beautiful.

But she was.

It was in every line on her face,
in the strength of her arthritic hands,
the ampleness that had
a million hugs imprinted
on its very skin,
and in the jiggly thighs and
thickened ankles
that had run her race for her.

She had lived her life with a loving
and generous heart,
had wrapped her arms
around so many to
to give them comfort and peace.
Her ears had
heard both terrible news
and lovely songs,
and her eyes
had brimmed with,
oh, so many tears,
they were now bright
even as they dimmed.

She had lived and she was.
And because she was,
she was made beautiful.

Author: Suzanne Reynolds, © 2019

Photo credit: Nina Djerff
Model: Marit Rannveig Haslestad

This came up in my Facebook Memories from last year, and I just had to share it with you. I hope you like it as much as I do. 💖

Sue xx


  1. On Sue that reduced me to tears. Tish x

    1. Same effect on me, that's why I had to share it. xx

  2. That should have said oh not on x

  3. Tears here too. I have never been told I look beautiful.

    1. You are beautiful; it shines from your beautiful soul xx

  4. What lovely words. When I see actors with facelifts and botox and inability to show expression, who superficially look 'beautiful' ...and then compare them with the ones whose faces have laughter lines and whose hands are wrinkled and worn from hard work, who have not had cosmetic surgery --- I know which ones are truly more beautiful. The smiling eyes, the enfolding arms, the generous words, and the caring actions - these are what really matter.

  5. Beautiful words telling of a life well lived. A wonderful tribute

  6. I too have wet cheeks , a very touching piece of writing ,my husband has never told me I look lovely -not even when we got married and now I don't maybe I didn't back then but a little white lie never hurts if it makes somebody feel good ( he is going bald now-- karma ) :) x

    1. Addendum- I have just shown my husband the poem and said every man should read this and I showed him my comment too , he didn't know what to say but looked very ashamed , he is not a bad husband he just cannot open up about feelings and doesn't have a romantic bone in his body but when I was on my back in bed for six days last week and lost complete control of my bladder , he looked after me, cleared up wee from the bathroom floor ( after slipping in it and getting wet socks ), washed me put my knickers on , sorry if TMI , never complained and was very concerned so sometimes maybe actions speak louder than words.

    2. I was going to come on today and reply to your comment along the same lines ... I bet he shows his love by actions not words ... and he has truly shown you this. Alan can be just the same in lots of ways, he too is a man of few words.

      I think a lot of men think that once the honeymoon period is over they can stop being so lovey-dovey and they just assume that we will know we love them simply by them still being with us. You've most likely shocked him and brought him up short by showing him this comment, which is no bad thing once he gets over the shock. Reciprocated love in a long marriage is the most wonderful of all love. You have a keeper there, and over the years you have been through so many things together, you must have a fantastic bond. xx

  7. I've seen that poem before. It reminded me always of the Velveteen Rabbit. It is who we are that makes us really and truly beautiful, not what we look like, but the only ones who can see that beauty are the people who love us. May we all have people that love us.

  8. Oh Sue, so real; am in tears x

  9. I'm another one in tears here. Always look to a person's soul for beauty, I say. xx

  10. Thank you , Thank you ❣️

  11. That is such a lovely poem and the model is beautiful! Like many of the others who've commented, I am tearing up, too!

  12. Just stunningly beautiful. Thank you. xx

  13. Thank you. Catriona

  14. Beautiful. Quite emotional now!

  15. This is amazing...and the beautiful illustration too. Thanks for sharing.


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