Friday 1 September 2023

A Little Trip Down the Memory Lane of 1st September.


1st September 2022

I was talking about how chilly it was at night and thinking about starting rationing!!

I went into my photo files to start a post for the first of September ... and found it empty. 😞 

I need to take some photos and fill it up.  Do more, go more places and take more photos.  In the meantime I will leave you with the images and the links to the posts of the beginning of September over the life of this blog of mine. 

 Just click on the dates to be taken straight to the post in question.

There was no 1st so here's the 3rd September 2021

I told you my courgette plants were so much better last year! 

 This year with the rhubarb in the same place, it was as big as these courgette plants from the year we moved into this house.  I told you that I cut right it right back to the ground only two weeks ago didn't I ... it is already growing again!


Again I didn't post on the 1st of the month, but here's what I wrote on the second.

Me and Suky living in the caravan and enjoying our early morning walks around the caravan park and along the river.  Oh, and she did love to go for coffee and cake at the local garden centre ... her favourite walk.

It seems I did a bit of my life history on this day in 2019.  😀

At first I read this one as 'everyone loves a terrier' ... well they do but it doesn't say that.  😂

A little trip down memory lane, you don't have to read all the posts, but they are there if you would like to.  I'll take some photos over the weekend so I don't have to subject you to that again.


Sue  xx


  1. This is lovely. You know I’m now off to my big computer to look up my 1st September posts on the old blog, xx

    1. The beauty of being a blogger is that you have really good photographic and written evidence of all that you have gotten up to over the years at your fingertips. It can be a real time consumer though if you fall down a rabbit hole of your own making. Have fun. xx :-)

    2. Thanks (I think). It turned out not to be so much of a rabbit hole as a deep, time-sucking chasm! But I was quite surprised (and maybe a little horrified) to see how much I used to cram into one day. And there were lovely photos of Daisy, xx

    3. Aww ... it was worth the visit then. xx

  2. 1st Sept 1978 Bob proposed. We married 51weeks later
    1st Sept 1979 Bob said he felt he should train as a minister
    1st Sept 1980 I waited all day for another life changing announcement!
    Today I'm just happy to have a loving family

    1. Oh wow ... happy memories for you on this date. xx

  3. My FB memories told me I was at the seaside told me we were at the seaside this time last year. Catriona

    1. It's the one part of Facebook that I really like, the daily Memories section, and yes we seem to be repeating a lot this year that we did last year. The advertising is getting a bit repetitive on there now though.

  4. That was fun! Now I am tempted to go back and see what I've written, but, I usually post my monthly goals on the first of the month and they usually don't change that much!

    1. It would still be interesting to see how your goals are varying over the years though wouldn't it and see what images you chose to use. :-)


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